Super Useful Tools for Scheduling Social Media

This is a great list of 5 super helpful social media schedulers so that you can stay on top of your social media game without investing hours every day! Every blog/ brand/ business needs to read this! Click through to check out the list and find the ones that work best for you! One of the things I get asked most is “how do you do it all?” Well for starters the answer is I don’t – like literally I don’t. There are a lot of other things that fall through the cracks like sleep and making meals and folding laundry and showering and, on my worst days, the people around me. One of my goals for this year is to get better at managing all that time. There are some things I in my life that I need to evaluate and see if they are essential and worth investing so much time in. We each get the same 24 hours a day – what we fill them with is ultimately our choice.

As a blogger, Social Media is an important and practical tool for me. It is part of my business model and a huge way that I can connect with my readers. It is also kind of fun because I get to play around on Instagram for 30 minutes and chalk it up as work BUT that is not the always the best use of my time. I know I am not the only one who can fall into the depths of Facebook stalking after trying to share your last post on your Facebook page, or clicking around mindlessly on Twitter on some rabbit hole (that leads you to a never ending Youtube list or Buzzfeed quizzes for days), or who zones out on Pinterest while waiting in line for coffee. To be more intentional about my social media time and prefect it from cutting into some of the important things that I would rather fill my time with (like smiling at or chatting with strangers in line for coffee or working on a photo shoot) , I removed all the apps from my phone so I can’t just mindlessly click into them (I need to plan on checking my social media.) I also started scheduling majority of my posts and pins ahead of time. Before I tell you about five of my favorite tools for scheduling social media, I want to remind you why this is important:

  1. You don’t get sucked into Social Media time traps when you are trying to work.
  2. You can Schedule when you do (and don’t) want to be on Social Media.
  3. You can maintain an active presence and promote your blog without spending hours a day on Social Media!

Does that sound like something you want in your life? I think the answer is yes because we all want more time to clean, eat, sleep, shower, and love on the people in our lives! Alright, now that we have covered that, let’s move on. All five of these tools I have used and confidently recommend. I am currently not using all of them because that would be a little overboard, but you should check them all out too see which ones work best for you.


If you are on WordPress this one is most likely the one that you want! It starts with a free trial so that you can check it out and then if you want to continue with it you have to pay monthly. I honestly think that you would never need more than the cheapest one ($15 a month) unless you have a bigger team that you want to be able to use it. What I love about Coscheudle most is the ability to use the plugin to link with my blog posts. While I write a blog post I can continue scrolling down and schedule all the posts I want related to that post! I can link pictures schedule announcing posts for when it goes live, and even schedule out a couple for months down the road! Chunking in your scheduling with the actual post writing is genius and a huge time saver for me! I use this mostly for my Facebook page and Twitter.


Ahalogy is a newer company for scheduling Pinterest pins! I’ve been working with them for the last couple months and I love them. The best news is that they are free to use. Right now there is a small waiting list so make sure to request an invite today. What I love about Ahalogy is the ability to sit down and get a bunch of pins in the line up. I can pin from my website, other websites, and a bank of recommended pins for me that then get lined up to be pinned throughout the week. I can catch my audience when they are on without always being on at the same time! This saves me time because I can plan (in my schedule) to spend 45 minutes scheduling pins and that will take me through the week.

PS: If you don’t know how important Pinterest is for your blog/business/brand you need to sign up for Pinfinite Growth right now. You WILL NOT regret it. 


This one is also a Pinterest Scheduler that I use. The cool feature it has that makes it super worth it to use Ahalogy and Boardbooster is that it does this thing called “looping.” Looping is where you can essentially tell Boardbooster to cycle through your old pins and repin them. They then delete the ones that have the lowest repins on it. This is a great way to keep your boards active and cleaned out!  Also they send you weekly emails of your growth and have pretty awesome stats to work with! This one has a free trial that is totally worth signing up for to check out looping (aka sign up for it now) they also have one of the best payment options out there and if you love it you can pay as little as $5 a month on 500 pins a month! If you are wondering how the heck looping would even be valuable for your Pinterest board it has a lot to do with Pinterest’s algorithm and it is all explained in Pinfinite Growth (this is a killer resource people!)

Hootsuite/ Tailwind

Hootsuite is a way to schedule normal social media posts. This is the one that I used for my office at work so I switched to using it for awhile for my blog. There is a free option and also a $10 a month option that allows you to schedule more posts and further out. Tailwind is a way that you can schedule Pinterest pins from your Hootsuite dashboard. I assume it is similar to Ahalogy and Boardbooster in ways but I have not used it myself. I do know that it doesn’t do looping (at this time) and it doesn’t have a bank of recommended pins for you to pin from (to my knowledge) which make the other two more enticing to me.


This is one of the first schedulers I used and is a lot like Hootsuite (in my personal opinion.) It is great because there is a free option but I recommend upgrading to the $10 a month option just to make it really worth your time and be able to get the most scheduling in. Easy to use, this is a great tool for sharing on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google +, and Linkedin (if that is what you are into.)

Do you use any of these to schedule your Social Media ahead of time? What are some of your struggles with staying on top of Social Media for your business? Which one(s) of these are you going to play around with to save yourself time so you can focus on more important things? 

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xoxo, elizabeth

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Wow, super helpful post, Elizabeth!! Thank you for sharing! Being consistent on social media has definitely been something I’m struggling with. I literally had just been looking through your other posts when this one popped up! Thanks for listing it all out in one place. P.S. Those Pinterest tools seem super cool! I’ll definitely need to check it out. 🙂

    • Oak & Oats

      Yes you do! They are so amazing! And how great – I am glad that this can be a help to you!!! You go girl!

  • Beth, I am sorry, but I have a similar post scheduled for two weeks from now about automating your blog and social media! I hope it doesn’t step on any toes — it should be different enough 🙂 Anyways, these are great resources and tips. Social media is so important for us as bloggers, but it can also be way too time consuming and there is always something more to do or view. I love your take on this topic!

    • Oak & Oats

      Oh girl! We all use the same or similar resources! Don’t even worry about sharing similar tips with your readers! I know you are just sharing what you honestly use! 🙂 Thanks for the sweet words!

  • CoSchedule is great! The Pinterest scheduler sounds amazing! I just requested an invite 🙂

    • Oak & Oats

      Yes! YAY! I think you will love it!

  • I love Buffer! I use it at work and for my blog and it’s really helped save me time. I can be online without actually being online, which is awesome!

    • Oak & Oats

      Yes! I so agree!!

  • I didn’t know about Ahaology, thanks for sharing!

    • Oak & Oats

      Yes! You are so welcome! They are kinda new on the scene!

  • I was just thinking about deleting my Facebook app from my phone! Partially because I kind of hate Facebook, but mostly because I get on it in order to waste time! I really would like to have scheduling, it would save me so much time! But I have so many other things to pay for #collegeproblems

    • Oak & Oats

      Yes! Delete it girl. You do not need that on your phone. IF there is an emergency you can always google FB to bring it up. And Hootsuite& Buffer both have free plans. You cannot schedule as far ahead but they will be great! Also Ahalogy is totally free!!

  • Man, oh man. This post was super timely for me, Elizabeth. I’ve been flirting with the idea of deleting Facebook, and your post encouraged me to just. do. it. So I did. And I feel so relieved already! 😀 Thank you for these awesome tips. I co-sign on the awesomeness of CoSchedule and Board Booster, as I use both apps myself.

    One simple technique I use is to focus on one social media platform (the one that has the most genuine engagement — for me that’s Instagram), and then spend no more than 10-15 minutes a day on that platform. I use CoSchedule and Board Booster to help me with the other platforms, and then I’ll check in on them when I share new content. Not sure if that’s a “pro” blogger method to managing social media, but it’s working for me!

    • Oak & Oats

      Yes! I love all of it and I so agree. I pick my favorite (also instagram) and spend the most time engaging there. We can’t actively engage everywhere!

      And yes, you don’t need FB on your phone. You’ll feel so much freer without that distraction!!

  • This is so helpful Beth! I’m finally realizing just how important scheduling posts out in advance are- after a busy two weeks I was basically MIA from social media and my blog and I’m realizing it’s hard to regain that traction I had! Thanks for the tips!

    • Oak & Oats

      Yes! So true. I love to set them up so I don’t have to stress about them again all week! hahah!

  • This is such an awesome post. This year, I am trying to unplug more and I literally was just asking some bloggers that I know how they manage their screen time vs. getting stuff done for their blog. This post is so helpful, as I’ve recently deleted all the apps off my phone too! I recently discovered Tailwind and it’s been a game changer!

    • Oak & Oats


      Yes! So great. It is nice to set things up and then stay off social media while you are trying to get things done! I think you will find you are a lot freer with all those apps off your phone!

  • Wow, super helpful!! Thanks!! I’m the type of person where I’ll have something specific to do on social media and then I’ll get sucked into status updates and leave the website and only remember that I was supposed to do something like three hours later. Anyway, thanks again for the tips!

    • Oak & Oats

      Yes! So true! These help you stay focused because you can’t see everything else people are saying 🙂 hah! I love it.

  • I was really excited to see a post about social media scheduling because this is something on my to-do list for this month. I need to get on top of everything so I have the freedom to focus on what I enjoy waay more than Pinterest and Twitter! haha
    I have a small questions though: It looks like you’re using multiple schedulers for the same thing, but what if I’m looking to just use one scheduler for each social media channel? What would you recommend as your favorites, or the essentials for beginners? I’ve seen all of the ones you’ve mentioned on facebook boards and in blog posts, but it seems everyone has a different opinion. I’d love to hear yours! 😉

    • Oak & Oats

      Linda! What perfect timing!!

      Yes, I have used them all before ( I am not currently using them all right now but I wanted to share options) and unfortunately not one place does them all.

      Honestly, coschedule is the best one to go with if you are on wordpress because when you type your posts and get ready to schedule them you can just schedule your facebook & twitter too. If you are not on wordpress try the free options of hootsuite & buffer and see which one you like best. They both do the same thing.

      Pinterest wise, I use Boardbooster just for looping (so I set it but and never log in) and ahanolgy I have a pin button that I just pin with whenever and it gets added to the schedule (you just move the button to your bookmarks bar)

      and Instagram I just post when I want! lol.

      I hope some of that is helpful? haha.

      • Thanks so much!! I just got the ok from Ahalogy today so this is perfect timing. I’m going to get on that right away so I don’t have time to procrastinate on this. haha. Thanks again!

        • Oak & Oats


  • These are great tips! I’ve used Hootsuite for work, but never for our blog. We just started a new blogging calendar, so I’ve thought about scheduling out some social media. If you haven’t tried Tweetdeck, it’s an awesome tool for managing your twitter account and scheduling tweets far in advance. Although, if you are using Hootsuite or anything of that nature, you probably wouldn’t need it. I’ve tried to decide which tool will be best for us, and this gives me a lot better idea. Thanks so much!

    • Oak & Oats

      Wahoo! I am so excited for you. Enjoy figuring out what works best for your team!

  • Alex Mendoza

    Love, love, love this list! I’ve tried most of this but now using something different called Socialdraft. I use it for my clients and team, and so far so good! You definitely should check that out and maybe add to this list. 😉

    • Oak & Oats

      ooooh! I should totally check them out! Thanks for the recommendation!