Summer Swimming

Last week we went to the pool for the first time since December (when we were vacationing in Florida.) GASP! I know, I know – It might seem crazy for most of you and it does a little for me but Colorado is a different world. We don’t have pools in our backyards or even neighborhoods and it is not always easy to spend money for a day at the pool when thunderstorms could happen any given afternoon. But the biggest reason for this is that we have been putting in so much time into our basement.

It has been a weekly fight this summer – to get things done and yet still soak up a bit of the summer sun. Bruce’s favorite season is summer so I think a little bit of his heart is being chipped at having to spend so much time indoors. It is just a season and we are so close to being done (ish) – I keep saying “this too shall pass.” As the fall breezes whisper in our mountain city, we remind ourselves that we are chasing summer on our November trip to DisneyWorld so we don’t need to mourn the end of summer too deeply.

Family is always a good excuse to get together and I think all of us were overdue for a day at the pool. Bruce and I spent almost the entire time in the pool with the kids and jumping off the diving board (except when I was snapping pictures of the 5 little ones that have my heart #auntlife )

Taking a break from it all – laughing, jumping, splashing, and being outside in the hot sun was a refresh for our souls. So here’s to summer and all the seasons. Some may be harder than others but there is always something to cherish – make sure you cherish it.

What is one thing you love to do in the summer? How do you make that happen? 

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry