Elevating the Everyday

We are going on what feels like day 100 of finishing the basement. I mean, it has been a wonderful project that my husband claims he is enjoying but it is so much work! We are doing it all by ourselves and there is so much that goes into making a unfinished basement finished (I honestly had no idea! ha!) There have been a couple frequently spend their Saturdays (and Sundays and evenings) over at our home working in our basement. I’m in an out in the helping process because I am also trying to get other chores and errands done and make meals for those worker boys in the basement.

A couple weeks ago Megan and I drove up to Denver for an Izze night where we were spoiled with good food and great drinks. We loved tasting the new IZZE Sparkling Water celebrating the evening. When we got back to the springs, we picked some up at the store to spoil the boys with some better-for-you drinks (as much as they like the beer, they need to stay hydrated too!!!) IZZE starts by triple-filtering mountain spring water & then they add organic fruit flavors, so each sip is simply delicious and flavorfully bright.
Our Saturdays this summer have been far from glamorous but they have been filled with handwork, dedicated friends & family, and progress! We don’t pay our workers in cash but in lots of hugs (for those who like them,) food, and special treats. Sure we can get water from the faucet but IZZE Sparkling Water is much more fun and elevates our everyday! 

Can you relate to my summer? Maybe less glamorous at times? I love adding those little extra things that just make the everyday feel a bit more intentional and special! Have you tried the new IZZE Sparkling Water?!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry