Double Birthdays

Mike and Michelle have the same birthday. And they are married. It is kind of adorable. And means that we get to double party! I’m turning into “that girl” – you know, the one that takes photos all the time. But the older I get, the more I want to remember these memories. This is us, this is now, this is community. And Colorado summers are so beautiful! 
Mike & Michelle – so thankful the both of you and your beautiful growing family. I cannot imagine these days without you. Your friendship is real, our laughter is loud, our conversations bring us to tears (mmmm… mostly the ladies on this one 😉 ), and our memory list grows! We are some of your biggest prayer warriors while you are at camp this summer and can’t wait until you get to hang out with us all the time again 😉  HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry