Where Hope Grows

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Over this weekend I watched an early release of “Where Hope Grows.” I knew that I was going to love it when Judah and the Lion started playing as the movie opened (SIDE NOTE: I know the banjo player in Judah and the Lion! His name is Nate and he is so kind. I grew up with him and claim him as my famous friend!) I am always a fan of family friendly, sport related, friendship oriented, redemption movies.

I think we as humans love them because they fill our hearts with hope and answer one of the deepest questions in our hearts – am I worth loving? Can I be redeemed? Is there still hope? Sometimes the stories in these movies sink into our hearts – we can relate to the characters and we want to see the happy ending.

But sometimes movies like this are hard, they attack core beliefs of who we think we are or what we think the world is. Sometimes the happy ending makes us scoff – wondering if really all the hard stuff in the middle could ever turn out good in real life. We yearn for it though – wanting light to win over darkness.

BE KIND. The truths of Cinderella echo in my heart – “have courage and be kind.” That is not just a phrase left for the fantasy world but reality too. In this movie you see those who have courage and are kind change the world. The are able to share the hope and joy they have with those around them.

I want you to know that no matter how hard things may be in the middle, there can be a happy ending. You are so valuable and loved. You life has purpose – no matter what you do, who you are, or what you have done in the past.

Sometimes we discover that hope in unexpected places – in the darkest moments, from chance friendships, from blog posts, or from those closest to us.

And sometimes we just need to be kind, for we do not know the battles (or sometimes we can clearly see them) that those around us are facing.

May 15th (FRIDAY!)Where Hope Grows” will be released in participating theaters nation wide! Check their website to find the theater closest to you! Take your friends, family, or friendly grocery employees to see. It is heart warming, tear jerking (seriously – I cried like 5 times,) and thought provoking film. YAY!

How do you feel about redemption movies? Have you seen redemption in your lives? Have you ever met someone and ended up in an unexpected friendship? Are you planning on seeing this in theaters? I would love to hear from you! Let’s chat below! 

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Oh I need to go!

  • I honestly don't watch redemption movies very often BECAUSE of how much they make me cry. haha. And they are challenging to watch because they may end up being very convicting, but that is a good thing, as long as it's God's conviction and not self-condemnation.

  • Eryn Ivey

    Oh boy, I feel the tears already! I've been volunteering with children who have physical and mental disabilities. They are incredible beings who are filled with kindness and hope!! I think I may go see this one!

  • I definitely want to see this movie now! So good!

  • I love that mug!!! Where did you get it??

  • Oh! I got it for my birthday this weekend! It is from Be Kind Coffee in EstesPark but I think you can get them online too http://www.kindcoffee.com/

  • For reals! I loved it!

  • You should! It would be fun to see it with them as well!

  • HAHA! I totally get that! I have to be ready for it!

  • the mug is amazing! hope you had a great birthday! ♥

  • i totally agree what people are saying about the mug – love it; and the message about hope. very true about the thought that everyone is battling something right now, and it is important to be thoughtful and mindful of that…it's something that is especially true for my family right now.

    thank you for the thoughts 🙂
    ps somehow I wasn't yet following you on bloglovin, ugh. i fixed that 🙂


  • Taylor! Thanks so much for following along! It is true – our kindness can go a long way!

  • This movie looks really wonderful. I love the "have courage and be kind" message.

  • Can't wait to see this! My husband grew up with Judah. His whole family is so precious! We love Judah and the lion 🙂

  • Yes! So fun!

  • I love the mug!!!