Palm Breeze

As Colorado kids, it doesn’t take much for us to get outside. As soon as the spring degrees warm up, we slip into our shorts and organize game times. Bruce and his friends played volleyball in college and even won the competitive league senior year. With several friends in town who own nets, meeting up for some fun exercise is a common summertime evening activity for us!

I never was huge into volleyball before Bruce and I started dating because I was always so self conscious about my lack of volleyball skills – we have all played a game with those people who make a “just for fun” game into a “for the world title” game and make us feel bad for every miss play. Bruce always encouraged me to join in and our friend group really meant it when they said “just for fun!” As I played more without the fear of letting everyone down, I got better at it and enjoyed it more! YAY! I am still no where near a pro, but it is fun to just get out with friends and have a good time!
In an attempt to add a little vacation feel to our after work get together, I brought along Palm Breeze sparkling alcohol spritzers! I was intending for us ladies to enjoy a girly drink and be transported in to the beaches of So Cal, but the boys ended up joining in too and drinking most of them! I love how easy they are to bring along and share because they come in a can! Β If you want to check some out for your next outdoor adventure, check out their website to see where you can pick some up or head to one of the Blo Bar events if you live near by San Diego, DC, Austin, or Dallas!

What are your favorite drinks to bring along to outdoor summer adventures? Have you tried Palm Breeze? Do you play grass or sand volleyball?

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Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • We all know how good I am at volleyball… πŸ˜‰

  • You and me both!

  • Love these volleyball pics! So great!

  • Several of these action shots are really great! I'm terrible at volleyball, but I do appreciate the friends who genuinely mean "just for fun!"

  • Yum! Those sound amazing.

  • Hayley Gildersleeve

    I'm so curious about this drink! I'll have to try and find some here. This looks so fun! I would be terrible at volleyball but years of playing on the "fun team" for college intramurals helped me learn how to have fun with it hahaha ie…we wore costumes most of the time…

  • I love that! You should grab some. It is a fun little girly drink!

  • Yes! I so agree!

  • YAY!