Top 5 Favorite two-Player Games

Bruce and I love playing board games. Not just Sorry or Monopoly (because we don’t own those or play those) but fun board games that may classify as nerdy! Hosting game nights and having friends over for dinner and games are two of our favorite things, but sometimes we want games to play with just the two of us for date night! We have been on the hunt for some great two player games for us to play together!

Today I have something very exciting – my husband and I are sharing our top favorites via the Youtube! If you don’t subscribe to us yet, you totally should! And make sure to check out our bloopers because we are totally hilarious!


Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Love this post! My husband & I love playing games as well! The only one I've played out of the ones you mentioned was Dominion, which is so fun!

  • I love your suggestions, we actually don't own any of the ones you mentioned yet! We are huge game players though. Our current top five favorites are Tsuro, Ticket to Ride, Fluxx, Blokus + Canasta Caliente. 🙂

  • Nicole Mangum

    Have y'all ever tried Dutch Blitz? It's a faster card game that can be played with 2 or more people and it is one of our favorites!!

  • I LOVE DUTCH BLITZ. Sorry I shouted. 😉 I grew up on that game…it's a family favorite!

  • Nicole Mangum

    Dutch Blitz is a game worth shouting about 🙂 Im so glad you know about it. Every person I meet has never heard of it and its so sad!! In college, we would have dutch blitz nights where there would be like 14 people playing and it was SO fun. I love Dutch Blitz 🙂

  • You two are the cutest and so funny! Love it!

  • If this wasn't inspired by my blog post, fabulous timing 🙂

  • Hayley Gildersleeve

    Ok, this was awesome! Adding these to my Christmas list! Y'all are adorable.

  • Ah! You just posted a game post too!!!?!?!? I am checking it out now!

  • Yes! We love it! We don't have the cards though so we just use normal decks and play NERTZ (they are the same) but you cannot sit during that game. Standing and yelling only. Bruce ALWAYS wins! hhaha

  • someone just mentioned Fluxx to us yesterday so my husband bought it! and we own Blokus – classic game for the game collection!

  • No, I was talking about when you commented about two player games on one of my posts last week about how we didn't know what to do all weekend haha

  • Oh yeah! hahah. It totally was because we had just filmed this video! 🙂

  • Awesome 🙂 also you guys are so cute to watch interacting hahaha

  • You guys are so cute!
    And actually this gave me some great Christmas ideas! Thanks!

  • Love this! I have been looking for some great two player games for the hubs and I.

  • My husband and I love playing games together, too. It's such a great way to connect. We also really love doing huge puzzles together. Carcassonne is a lot of fun and we ADORE Dominion. We love Settlers of Catan, but haven't tried the card game before. I'll have to check that one out!! 🙂 I haven't heard of Island Siege. I'll have to alert my husband to its existence. Have you two played 7 Wonders? it's a fun game for 2-7 players. Michael and I enjoy that one a lot.

    How did you like Interstellar?

  • Love 7 wonders but not as much for two players! We think it is much better in a group.

    and we are seeing it this weekend!! We didn't realize how long the movie was! AHAH

  • This is SO fun! Not gonna lie, I've never heard of a single one of these games which is probably why my hubby and i struggle to play board games just ourselves. I think some of these will hopefully make it under the Christmas tree this year, thanks for the ideas!

  • Love these videos! Not going to lie… loved the bloopers even more! 🙂 But I've got my eye on that Darcy game.

  • Love this! A friend of mine opened up my world to alternative board games, if you will, lol about a year go but I haven't seen all of these. I have Lords of Waterdeep on my Christmas list this year, but you just gave me some great gift ideas for my boyfriend 🙂 Thanks!

  • The bloopers are my favorite part too! Don't you worry – we are working on new videos that will be a little different from this one and really, more fun! haha!

  • I am so excited! I think board games are great gifts because they also provide so many opportunities to make memories and have fun!

  • Yeah! I love sharing Christmas gift advice!!! You will love them all!

  • Yeah! Christmas is coming 😉

  • Yes Please! I love game nights!!!

  • And we will be making more!

  • I enjoy watching this video! the honorable mention marrying mr. dracy looks like it would be fun. I'm a fan of pride & prejudice. I like playing board games with my friends and family. 🙂

  • It is so fun! We will be sharing more videos soon. I am glad you love playing games too! Thanks for all the encouragement!

  • Oh! Do it 🙂 and let me know which one you get!!!

  • haha. Yeah. It is a bit long. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed it!