DIY Teacher Gift

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I love back to school season! Seriously, I get butterflies when I walk down an aisle with school supplies. Since I am not a mother yet and I can only buy enough “blog supplies” for me, a wonderful idea dawned on me – I’ll buy them for someone else! 
Okay, so it really didn’t take me long to think of that one because gift giving is one of my favorite things in the world and I have some amazing friends who are teachers and deserve Back to School gifts! I hit up Office Depot on my way home from work and began filling my cart with gift giving in mind (that always let’s you splurge a little!) and came home to put together a DIY Teacher Gift for my dear friend Mrs. May! 
1. An assortment of colorful back to school supplies (I got mine at Office Depot)
     – Colored Sharpie 12 pack
     – Colored Thin Sharpie 12 pack
     – Pack of Sharpie Clearview Highlighters
     – Colorful Scissors 
     – Post- It Notes
2. Breckenridge Small File Holder
3. Small Circle Chalkboard Tag 
1. Head on over to Office Depot for the best prices on school supplies because we all still love saving even while we are giving. It helps us give more!! (Save $5 Off your purchase of $20 or more on Select Newell Rubbermaid Brands & the Sharpie Clearview Highlighter 3PK is $4 while supplies last – if you want to get exactly what I grabbed! Don’t forget to use your Office Depot rewards to save even more.)
2. Unwrap everything and organize in your Breckenridge Box. 
3. Write on the tag an inspirational & witty note for your teacher! “Sharp minds. Colorful adventures. Bright futures.”
4. Use chalk or a silver Sharpie to write the name of your teacher on the tag and loop it around the scissors. I went with the sharpie so that it would not rub off! 
5. Surprise the teacher in your life with a thoughtful, inspirational, practical, and totally cute back to school gift! 

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Very cute! X

  • Love this! I was fortunate to teach in a nice neighborhood where the parents were very helpful and gave me thoughtful gifts like this. They were always my favorite and quite useful in the class!

  • What a super cute idea!

  • I super love this! And the teacher's whose classroom I'm in this year as an EA, her name is the same ๐Ÿ˜‰ It's my first "beginning" of the school year as I started in January last time, so I didn't even think of a gift! Next year, for sure!

  • Super cute and useful too!

  • This is so adorable and would look so cute on anyone's desk! Why are school supplies so dang awesome?!

  • I love the project! How perfect for the start of fall ๐Ÿ™‚ Going to check out the embella home website RIGHT now!

  • Seriously! I love all the goodies they have in their shop! Also, this is the smallest box and it still fits so much!

  • This post is so great! I love all the item that you collected. Sharpies are the best!

  • Can i make one for me? Even if I'm not a school teacher???

  • Suzana S.

    What a lovely idea! And I totally share the feeling of satisfaction and joy after shopping for some stationery or "school stuff" even if I've been out of school for so long! I guess that is something that we get as school kids and it keeps following us forever ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This is seriously so adorable! So neat and organized!

  • I love this! Can't wait to make it for my teacher friends! Thank you for sharing this fun project!

  • What a thoughtful gift! I love the Breckenridge box. It's so different than most supplies you see in school!

  • I love sharpies and I love the thoughtful gift! Teachers need more sweet reminders of how wonderful they are! :0)

  • Thanks!

  • That is so fun! Giving gifts is such a blast!

  • Thanks lady!

  • So fun! The kids love fun names like that!

  • yeah! The best kind of gifts!

  • I know right?!?!!

  • yeah!!! They are!

  • Ummm. yeah! I might also just make one for myself….even though I have already gone overboard with the school supplies thing!

  • yeah!! SO true!

  • Thanks LAdy! I love it!

  • Yeah! You go girl! Give the gift that keeps giving!

  • Yeah! Such a great way to organize it!

  • I totally agree!

  • I love this!! And it's for Mer. So cute. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This is seriously adorable. I would make one for myself!

  • Do it!

  • You caught me!

  • ME TOO!