DIY Fireplace Mantel

Long weekends are an excuse to work on that project that you have always wanted – right?! So I did just that. I painted my fireplace mantel. It was this yellow 80’s wood that matched NOTHING in my home so I just followed my heart and painted it white. I LOVE the difference that it made. Just by painting that little piece of wood, my whole living room feels much more cleaner and welcoming. 
I didn’t take many before pictures but you can see my last living room post here! WOW. So thankful for new (to us/ free from our parents) couches and finally a color pallet that flows. Color is so important and just having so many clashing or just numerous colors can make a clean room feel dirty and an organized room feel messy. When you decorate a room and keep all the colors in a theme, it is much more calm and enjoyable! 
See, this is why those ugly green couches, that grandma pink chair, and that yellow wood fireplace mantel needed an upgrade! It is easy to paint over glossy, yellow 80’s wood – all you need is a sander and paint! 
– sander or sand paper
– paint of choice

1. Clean off the desired surface. 
2. Begin sanding and make sure to cover all surfaces.  
3. Whip off the dust with a wet paper towel and make sure the area is free from loose sanding particles. 
4. Paint!
5. Let dry. 
6. Get your sandpaper back out for a little bit of a vintage look (if that is what you are into)
TOTAL TIME: 2 hours and a day of drying. #WORTHIT
Naptime Diaries Canvas 
Moon Clock

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Rachel

    Oh my gosh I love it!! What a classy living room:)

  • I decided that today is the day I'm going to finish painting the bottom kitchen cabinets! Ha. We'll see how far I get!

  • Oh this turned out great!!! Good job. 🙂

  • Wow, you are right! The white made such a difference! I love the picture gallery, too. I really hope I have a fireplace in my next house! They aren't very common in Florida, but I can hope!

  • Patty

    It looks so great…I saw on Instagram Jess shared this pic…you're famous, lol!! 😉

  • Joleen Pete

    Soooo cute! One of the things that sold me on our apartment, was our great mantle. I had visions of themed mantels for the holidays. It's been over 6 months, and all our mantel holds is my essential oils diffuser and stacks of DVDs. Eeep!! This inspires me! I've been eyeing that canvas from Naptime Diaries too. It's beautiful!

  • aw I so wish I had a mantel and fireplace! but this has inspired me to paint some stuff in our house white… love that moon clock btw!

  • Turned out so good, I love it! And that canvas is beautiful, also!

  • My next project is making a collage above our Tv. which is basically our "mantle" in our tiny apartment. haha There is only one picture above it and it looks so awkward right now haha

  • Kendall Ashley

    This is too cute, Beth! Your house looks absolutely ADORABLE.

  • This looks so good! I love how fresh and clean it is and all of that artwork – perfect!

  • It looks so good! I love it! We love doing home projects, but we're kind of limited because we're renters. You guys did such an awesome job! and you're living room looks killer!

  • Looks great, girl! I just finished a little living room re-model of my own last week. It was tons of hard work, but has made all the difference!!

  • Amy

    looks great! its always amazing what a little bit of paint can do to change up a room!

  • Love it Beth! I can't wait to get into our new house (2 more weeks!) and start decorating!

  • ashley

    Very pretty! Love your decor!

  • Wow, I just LOVE this! I would want someone like you to decorate my house one day. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂 🙂

  • LOVE that middle canvas. SUCH a good verse!!!! Looks great!!!

  • Looks great! Loving all the little details!

  • I'm just gonna be honest.. I couldn't take my eyes off of that canvas painting!! who, what, when, where?! 😉 love this DIY!

  • Love your mantle and love your striped wall! So cute!

  • Can I be super nosey and ask what the chalkboard is for?! I see girls so I'm thinking an ongoing pictionary tournament or something?! 🙂 Love love love your mantel and the naptime diaries canvas! I wish we had a fireplace, they are just lovely!

  • HAHA! We have chalkboards for games all around our house! This was from a competitive game of FISH BOWL boys verses girls! I just leave the last last game up until we play again!


  • Laura @ a nurse and a nerd

    Lookin' good! I love me a good paint makeover! And I also love the Beth and Bruce dolls! SO cute!

  • This look great, girl! It really makes such a difference!

  • It really did make a big difference! Also – I love your moon clock! So very very cool!

  • Looks so great! We love doing home improvement projects! Such a happy, calming, cozy area!

  • I really wish I had a fireplace and a mantle!

  • You go girl!!! Ps: I loved your instagram of the door! you crack me up!

  • Thanks! NAptime Diaries for the win!


  • YEs! HAHA. Where do you hand stockings?!?!

  • I know! I freaked out a little when I saw it on Naptime Diaries!

  • You can do it! IT is such a great centerpiece!

  • Thanks! I got that clock as a gift for Bruce when we were dating! Great investment!

  • Thanks!

  • Yes! You totally can do it!

  • I know, right?!?! My parents never did stockings for us growing up, but my Grandma did and at least she had a fireplace! At my apartment my roommates and I hung them from the wall. It was pretty sad haha!

  • Haha! Yeah… I did finish the cabinets… eventually. Plus two doors and caulking. Now on to the rest of the kitchen!

  • Kendall! Thanks so much 🙂 I love to make nerdy things cute! (like those HP prints)

  • Kendall Ashley

    Well you do a great job! Love it!