shades of gray

i am a huge fan of blues & grays in all shades. i love them because they are neutrals (my kind of neutrals) they go with all sorts of bright colors and they also go with each other! i like to call this my shades of gray outfit/ Rocky Mountain camo.

these pictures were taken the day we were heading home from our mountain getaway (note to readers: i do not look like this the whole time i am in the mountains. i rock the leggings with socks and over sized sweaters mostly when lounging and snow gear when playing outside). i pretty much just wanted to show off my new Gap jeans that i couldn’t help but buy when i saw they were 40% off and my new Stitch Fix coat that i have been wearing on repeat!

jeans :: GAP
top :: GAP (similar)
jacket :: Stitch Fix
boots: Ross

Author: Oak & Oats

  • Love that coat!

  • Mary Sabo

    I love gray. Your blog attracted me immediately because of the colors – it's absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the share!

  • The outfit looks awesome with and without the coat. Neutrals really rock. And that coat is just fantastic!

  • Elizabeth Benson

    I love this outfit, it's so cute! And your blog is fantastic, I found it through your guest post over on Straight Up Z, and I'm so glad I did! So happy to make your "acquaintance", I'm looking forward to reading more. 🙂 xx, Elizabeth

  • Amy Dawn Bishop

    Super cute! I totally agree about neutrals. And- you can't go wrong with navy blue and gray! That jacket looks so cozy, but also really classy!
    Happy Tuesday!

  • I love neutrals! Love your pants too! I have a pair of white pants I've been gathering the courage to style and you've totally inspired me!

  • You look super cute, lady!!! 🙂

  • Julie Hood

    love the neutrals! i have 4 gray sweaters….which is probably overkill. and way to go on a 40% off gap find! 🙂

  • Adorable… I am a total fan of gray!! I think it goes great with purple as well 🙂 Or even mustard yellow! Yep. LOVE

  • Mal

    Love the jacket!

  • thanks! me too!

  • me too. it is so the way to go. also, i love buying them 😉

  • thank you Mary! I do love this space, clean, neutral, organic – very much my style! I am so glad you stopped by!

  • thanks Kelly! I am a big fan 🙂

  • it is! It is like sweatshirt material or something… I am a huge fan of that!

  • eep! I told myself they were just really really light wash jeans 😉 but i do adore them! they look really fun with bright tops too!

  • thanks for the sweet words (like always!)

  • yes!! i love them! speaking of… i have some coupons for friends and family week at the GAP for %40 off your whole purchase, do you want one?

  • yeah! It goes with like anything!

  • thanks MAL!

  • Greys and blues are my go-to/favorite/addiction in terms of neutrals in my closet, too! They're such great colors and they definitely go with everything, too. Cute outfit, my friend!

  • I like the ring the best 😉

  • Look at you pretty lady! Lookin' great 🙂

  • thanks pretty lady. stitch fix is making me so classy! 😉

  • Thanks deary! me too. I have had that the longest and it is a million more times valuable to me than any of the other pieces!

  • thank you miss Katy!! XOXO

  • I am definitely drawn towards neutral colors like greys, blacks, and browns. Never all at the same time though. 🙂

  • you know i love me some gray and all neutrals 🙂 i am obsessed with that jacket! you are the cutest, bestie!

  • hahah! yeah 🙂 sometimes I do but them all together 😉

  • i love this jacket too! like a lot