Winter Park, CO

this past weekend the mayberries went on our 3rd annual family mountain getaway. we gather all the kids and the kids of the kids and rent a huge cabin in Winter Park. we also take two days off school & work for funsies! we went snow shoeing, tubing, skating, crafting, gaming, cuddling, and all kinds of fun stuff.

it was another nice little getaway – i am a HUGE fan of exploring the towns nearby you whether you spend the night OR just take a day trip! find some adventure. make some memories. and explore. (totally love how Kiki talked about this on Rivers & Roads yesterday!) i am also a HUGE fan of family. i love that all the cousins get to grow up nearby and go of fun vacations together! it is also so sweet to spend so much time with my siblings playing games, having heart-to-hearts, cuddling, and laughing!

do you do family getaways all together?

Author: Oak & Oats

  • A family getaway sounds amazing to me right now. Looks like you guys all had a great time!

  • Amy

    so so so fun!
    i LOVE snow tubing!

  • So so so fun! I love all you mayberrys! 🙂

  • This soooo cute! I've wanted to try snow tubing ever since I was little. It just looks like so much fun. My family takes a yearly trip over Thanksgiving to Florida. It's always so much fun and since my family is so big, it's some of the only time we get to spend together for such an extended time. I look forward to it each year!

  • How fun! Our family is spread all over the country but we sure do try and get together 1 – 2 times a year. It's a treasured time!

  • So fun! Love all the pictures, especially you on those roller skates! The best!

  • Sounds like a blast! I may have to advocate for my family doing that!

  • I absolutely adore those photos! Seriously, you are the cutest and so are all of your other family members, too! 🙂

    And I also love family getaways (and want to thank you for the link love, too!). Exploring nearby town are such a fun way to explore the world around you and it's also a great time to hang out and catch up with family, too! Sounds like a fun trip!

  • So fun!

  • Yes, my family and I love to take vacations too! Family means the world to my husband and I, so we always get excited when we see them (we don't live near any of them).

  • This looks like so much fun! I love family get togethers. We do a lot of family dinner nights, but it would be such a blast to do a mini vacay all together!

  • yeah! we started it three years ago and all LOVED it so much that we added an extra day this year! It might end up being a whole week one day!

  • we are blessed to live close 🙂 we would be the same if we live far away!

  • it was a blast!

  • thank you dear! always so kind!

  • you should!

  • I know right?!?! I had not been on skates since… like i do not know when!

  • It sure is!

  • That is so fun! also, tradition is just my favorite!

  • because we are cute!

  • me tooo!

  • we did! Thanks 🙂