my stitch fix fix

this week i opened a box of goodies and my reaction was not what i had expected…. let’s talk about that. 

i had been hearing about stitch fix all over the blog-o-sphere – instagram shots of favorite “stitch fix” items, blog posts, buttons, pinterest, etc. Allison of Allison Ramsing was the one who finally convinced me to make the plunge! i am not someone who goes into things willy-nilly (especially if they cost money, this girl has an allowance each month that she has to stick to… wahoo! David Ramsey.) so it took me awhile to order a box but i did it!

1. i filled out all kinds of information about myself and my style. it was fun. like a test where the answers do not matter
2. a box showed up at my door

that is the part i did not expect
i mean for real, how can someone who has never met me send my a pair of skinny jeans that fit PERFECTLY!?! it is incredible! the deal is that if you buy all of the pieces they send you, you get 25% off, so i got them all and payed $175, which is a little much for me on the regular but it is fun to do occasionally!  let me tell you about the contents:

Stevenson Polka Dot Crew Neck Sweater ( TCEC )
Gulliver Cotton Gingham Button-Up Shirt (Just A Cheap Shirt)
Bartleby Tribal Print Open Front Cardigan ( Sugarhill Boutique)
Alyssa Multicolor Stripe Fringed Scarf ( 41 Hawthorn)


1. be picky: 
are your shoulders wide but your waist is small so it is hard for you to pick a general shirt size – let them know! tell them you have a long torso or short legs or that you are looking for new business clothes only. maybe you have a lot of events that you need to look nice for and need help picking out some key pieces for those moments OR maybe you are a stay at home mom and just want to look cute but have low maintenance, comfortable clothes. you can even add links to your pinterest outfit boards!

2. click”the cheaper, the better”:
what they consider low is “full price” in my language (my low is sale low- am-i-right?!) they will send you amazing pieces even if you click this button! nothing they send out is less than lovely. they have all been hand picked from boutiques and are quality. * if you are a super fancy person and not as finance-strapped,  do not feel obligated to click this button. i am just trying to help out the ladies who are protective over their clothing money and need to save where they can!

3. buy all the items:
you save 25% off your whole purchase if you buy all the items. be picky when you fill out your profile so you have a higher chance of loving everything they send you. and if you love all but one, then maybe that other piece can be a gift to a friend or sister ( it saves to get the 25% off instead of paying full price for the four things you do want).

4. treat yourself:
stitch fix is such a fun treat! having a stylist read about you and send you hand picked items specifically for you is so neat! i loved the entire process and ended up with amazing pieces that i cannot stop wearing. stitch fix is worth it. save your Christmas money and get a box. see what they send you! getting a stitch fix does not have to be a monthly thing (because we cannot all afford that) but it can be a fun something special a couple times a year. as you go into the new year, for your birthday, right before a vacation, or during the holidays. save up to indulge!

Sophia Skinny Jeans ( Kensie Jeans)


Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Susan

    You really got a great fix! I love everything you got too! I was so disappointed with my last fix that I have not rescheduled until March. I think I will give them more info and be picky like you suggested! Thanks! Susan

  • all of that looks so great! i love both of those sweaters!!

  • rachel morris

    I love this idea! Thanks for the tips! 🙂

  • agodfashionedlife

    Love your Stitch Fix box! They really did an awesome job at picking you out clothes that fit your style and you look amazing as always!

  • Jenny Fish

    After I saw your Instagram, I was curious and went to check out their website. All your clothes were super cute! Now I really want to try it – maybe I'll use my Christmas money for that.

  • I am so curious about stitch fix. it looks awesome! and thanks for linking up today with Treat Yo Self Thursday!!

  • Katy

    I keep seeing posts others do about their boxes they receive, and have kind of wondered about it. And really, skinny jeans that fit and super cute clothes that you don't have to shop for yourself, what could be better than that??

  • I have been waiting til after Christmas to order my first fix. I am so dang excited!

  • bah! love all of this! you are such a cutie. i want that scarf and that long cardi!

  • you can borrow them 😉

  • oh! so exciting! enjoy it!

  • Katy, I so agree!

  • I know! I let my curiosity get the best of me and tried it out myself!

  • That is a great idea! I love it because it is fun and supporting small business 🙂

  • thanks!

  • Thank you sweet Lady!!!!

  • you are so welcome!

  • me tooo!

  • yeah, I have heard some people having a hard time finding the right fit but I think it helps to be really detailed AND you can respond with why all the first things were wrong which will help them out!

  • I would love to do one of these sometime. If you don't mind, I'd be interested to know (from one "the cheaper the better" girl to another) how much you ended up paying for your box with the 25% discount. Just so I can have a ballpark for how much one of these might cost me.

  • Good point!! I just added it into the post! It was $175 for everything (Skinny jeans, two sweaters, button up, and scarf) which averages for $35 each piece! Not my normal spending but I think it is fun for a special occasion, like a birthday or Christmas!

  • I think after we have baby number two I am going to try my first stitch fix box. I have been wanting to try it but I feel like my body is always in transition!

  • Are you pregnant again!??! Congrats

  • lacey

    i just got a christmas bonus, and i've always been curious to try stitch fix. this might be happening! you look cute in everything-glad you kept all the pieces. 🙂

  • Lacey! Christmas Bonuses are always a surprise and blessing! I think this would be so fun to use that for!! XOXO

  • right?!!? it is my favorite!

  • Tanya Lovetere

    I love all the items you got! I Esp the polka dot sweater and plaid shirt! I hope I have that much luck next month!

  • That polka dot sweater and tribal sweater, totally keepers!

  • girl! i totally agree!! xoxo

  • Vicki Wilde

    I got that Polka dot sweater a few fixes ago! I didn't keep it because they sent me another polka dot sweater the month before 🙂 Love that scarf, great colors!

    <3 Vicki

  • oh yes! thanks you 🙂