Eighth Day of Advent

Luke 1:32 “He will be called the Son of the Most High”

what name fitting for the Son of God. Jesus is the Son of the Most High. but what about those who are in Christ?! we too are the sons and daughters of the Most High! do you know today, where you stand in Christ? may we be reminded today of our Father, the Most High. – Naptime Diaries

i love this. on day four we remember and meditate on Him as Everlasting Father and today He is the Son of the Most High. what a family legacy. a royal line that never ends. i love how Naptime Diaries points out to us that we are part of that family as well! how do you live differently in light of that?

you really are that Disney princess you always wanted to be. and the happily ever after will come, after temptations and trials, and we will live with our Everlasting Father, Son of the Most High forever. we are part of the royal line. adopted. chosen. loved. and forgiven.

remind your brothers and sisters in Christ of this truth and share with those who do not yet know. Christ was born to save the world. He is the Son of the Most High. and He is inviting you to join His kingdom.


Author: Elizabeth Mayberry