try new things & dream big

when i first started blogging i never dreamed i would be where i am today. i did not know that i would love to write, share, encourage, inspire, dream, organize, and produce in this little blog space. it was before i knew anything about pinterest, instagram, bloglovin’, twitter, blogging and even before i owned my first smart phone. this was my first post – wow. tomorrow marks three years that this space has been my own.

over time it has changed. the way i write, the things i write about, the quality of my pictures, and the over all look of the blog. i have taken breaks from blogging in moments when i wonder why i do it. i have discovered new talents and passions and weaved them into my blog. i have shared family photos, significant happenings, new recipes, and things i have learned. this blog has evolved.

SO – i think it is time. time for trying new things. time for dreaming bigger than every before. it is my 3rd birthday here on my blog and i think it deserves it. i have been spending a lot of time thinking about why i blog and the purpose behind this little space. i have been honing in on things i am passionate about and figuring out what makes me, me. and what makes this blog mine. new things are coming. a rebranding of sorts. a new look, a better focus.

thriving is all about not staying stagnate. it requires trust falls and faith leaps. we only get one life and i want to spend it thriving. so i will have to let go and jump in.

i am so excited. and i hope you will be too.

what is your favorite thing that i blog about?
what are your favorite types of blog posts to read?
what is your favorite thing to blog about?

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Happy Blogiversary!

  • Love this! You are exactly right. 🙂 And happy blogiversary! It may be creepy, but I just love reading about other people's lives…so I just really enjoy lifestyle posts! But anything you feel passionate about is worth blogging about. 🙂

  • Happy blogaversary!! My favorite thing that you blog about is your faith! I love a passionate Jesus lover always! those are also my favorite post to read. Also, some Godly wife advice and just about you and the ones you love. I've found that i love to write about my faith and my family, my two passions:)