mere words.

as i sit down here to write my very first words of my newly created blog, i am wordless. what can i possibly say that has any value? i can write so much but in the end, it is all just a pile of mere words… forming thoughts i suppose.

katharsis: the purging and cleansing of ones emotions. after discovering this word in my english class once upon a time it has been a word that has remained with me… i find myself entering this process weekly, and i feel the weight when i try and shove my emotions instead of getting them out. i am reminded of Jesus when he encouraged us to be in the light because when we stay in the darkness it eats away at us… i think that is what i am trying to do with this blog. i mean, not tell all my dirty secrets, but more so just spill my thoughts onto paper… into writing…
that is all for now i suppose. soon this screen will be filled with my many adventures in northern ireland, but until then…

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Kim Ridings

    What a wonderful look back, Beth! You have only grow more beautiful, transparent and eloquent in your blog.