old colorado city farmers market

over the weekend i was blessed to grab coffee & hit up the farmers market with one of my sweet blog friends – erin. it was our first “IRL hangout” (the husband kept referring to it as such) and the time was so sweet and the conversation so good. it was like we were old friends catching up ( i mean because we have seen each others wedding pics, diys, home improvements, & other blog dailies)
erin was in town for a wedding so we thought it was a great time to get together because we probably wold not be in each other’s states any time soon. i picked (one of) my favorite coffee shops – JIVES. it is 5 minutes from my house and right across the street from the saturday morning farmers market – i figured we could do both! 
i am so excited that our farmer’s market has reopened in the summer. i try to buy most of my produce from farmers markets and co-ops from now on! here is to SUMMER TIME!

do you have a local farmers market you like to go to?

if not, you should google farmers markets in your area! here in colorado springs alone we have dozens! (i chose this one because it is in my neighborhood!)

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • So much fun! I love just wandering around farmer's markets. So many fun things to see.

  • Yes! I adore farmer's markets! Just went this weekend and blogged about it too :-). Great minds think alike, eh? Beautiful pictures, and hooray for blog meet-ups!

  • I really need to go to the ones around me. They just require getting up and out the door pretty early, which I have yet to motivate myself to do….

  • I wish I was living somewhere else other than AZ, because no farmers markets exists when its 110 degrees outside! I am jealous of you!


  • Loooove Farmer's Markets!

    You and your friend looked so cute!!! So fun!!

  • This post has made me super hungry for veggies and fruits… YUMMY Looks like you had an awesome time!

  • What fun! Blates are the best! πŸ™‚