healthy living // it’s all good: meal # 1

when i discovered gewneth paltrow’s new cookbook “it’s all good” i just had to get my hands on it! in pure excitement i shared it with you all and let you know that my dear friend meredith & i were going to attempt to get together once a week over the summer and make a meal for our men from this pretty little cookbook. 
MEAL #1 : 
Go-To Tomato Sauce (page 273) 
*****5 STARS. 
easy, delicious, & saves well!
Turkey Meatballs (page 105) 
*****5 STARS. 
OMG! these melted in our mouths. so fun to make & so quickly eaten up. they were a hands down favorite. bruce keeps asking when i am going to make more & john couldn’t believe turkey could taste so good! SCORE.   
Spicy Brussels Sprouts (page 154)
****4 STARS. 
everyone ate them which was a surprise & a plus as both of the boys made mention of their dislike of brussels sprouts! i was also pleasantly surprised! 
obviously i need to work on my food photography skills. gweneth’s pictures are far more lovely than mine! 
i encourage you to grab her book & try some new things!!! then, let me know all about it! 

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • girl, i absolutely LOVE that you are doing this! what a great idea! trying new recipes is so much fun, and even better when you can share not only the meal but the cooking with someone else. this is so fun πŸ™‚ and those turkey meatballs look amazing!


  • Looks delicious! Please post more food ideas~

    editor of

  • Yum. I loveeee Brussels sprouts!

  • These look so good, I love brussels sprouts. Anything with them is de-vine

    xo. Kailagh

  • that looks so darn deeeeelicious! deft need to get her book. thanks for the recommendation πŸ™‚