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those of you who have been following this blog for sometime now, know that i am pretty real and personal. this blog is me. i probably should be weary about putting my address on the internet but it is smack dab in the middle of my contact page just in case anyone feels the urge to send me some snail mail, i post a million pictures of my friends and family, i talk about my highs and my lows, and i talk about my job because i think i have one of the best jobs in the world… so get ready for some real.
there is a lot of heart breaking news going around these days – from the Boston Marathon to the awful botched abortions Dr. Kermit Gosnell and his team provided, aiding directly in the death of many living full term babies as well as some mothers. my heart breaks because Life is so valuable and Satan so desperately hates life – he is the father of death and he is running like a thief in this world out to kill and destroy. PRAISE the Lord that we have a Savior who came so that we might have LIFE and life to the full. i am brought back to my post on friday of 1000 gifts – seeing God’s grace. Ann Voskamp has a beautiful blog that if you don’t already read you should and i was deeply moved by this article.
“The abortion debate is not so much about how we can somehow change the law, but right now change how we love. To have credibility in lobbying for laws against the abortion of babies, we must have the dependability of opening our doors for the welcoming of children. 

If the compassion of the world is “We do not unwanted children born into the world,” then the compassion of the Gospel has to be far more powerful. The compassion of Christ-followers needs to literally and practically and sacrificially be: “We do want all the children born into this world.” 
If we are truly pro-the-least-of-these: How does each and every Christian live in a way that witnesses to wanting all children, to welcoming all children, to wrapping around all children?

And how do we value the worth of every single woman?”
i want to ask you to take a stand for life with me. not just against abortion but FOR LIFE. at every stage. from womb to tomb. to be pro-the-least-of-these. we value every mom, dad, baby, grandparent, friend, employee, volunteer, postal worker who walks through our doors here at Life network. we want to shine the light of Jesus in a broken world. actively fighting against the darkness.
Bruce and i are fundraising this year for Life Network’s annual Walk for Life. and we have a large goal because we are wanting to significantly impact the Fatherhood program at life network. we believe that fathers are VITAL in the lives of baby’s and the pursuit of change. please prayerfully consider supporting us here as we Walk for Life. if you click on this link you will be able to read more about our hearts for the fatherhood program and join us as we chose to be pro-the-least-of-these.
if you are near the Colorado Springs area, i encourage you to come to the Walk if you are able to! please run or walk and raise your own support! i would love to help you get that set up if you have any questions at all!! and last but not least, we have plenty of volunteer opportunities – so if you are looking for a place to serve, i am all ears!
if you aren’t near, i encourage you to do a google search for pregnancy centers in YOUR area. get involved, volunteer, donate. be a part of welcoming the hurting. embrace the shamed and broken. be pro-the-least-of-these.

Walk for Life Promo 2013 from Molly Thompson on Vimeo.

Author: Oak & Oats

  • i love you and your love for your job and your love for life. thanks for working so hard to make a difference and for letting your light shine.

  • i so wished i could walk with you. I live in NY so I will deft try and look into that here.
    thanks so much for blogging about this cause.

  • Amy

    I am so glad that you posted on this!! Some friends and I got together to pray about the Gosnell trial, asking that more people would rally behind this cause and become aware of what's going on. I so admire your heart for sharing this!

  • I loved the first post I read! I love how you are standing up against abortion. It has always been one thing I have had such a huge stand against. I was almost aborted as a baby, but my birth mom saved my life and carried me to full term instead. I so wish I lived in CO Springs to participate in this race. I love running in races exp ones with such a great cause.


  • Love this post! The walk for life fundraiser is awesome and I'm so glad you shared it so I can check it out!



  • You are so right. How can we say abortion is bad and then let children come into this world only to be unwanted their whole lives? We have to rise above that and reach out and be proactive in love in extending support to fathers and mothers and those people who feel so overwhelmed by the idea of becoming a parent.

  • thank you for always being real, because it is awesome. I did the March for Life in Washington DC last year and it was a very eye-opening experience. I learned so much that day, much of which broke my heart and made me grieve for the millions of babies who no longer have a chance of life her on Earth.

    This Walk for Life looks amazing, thanks so much for getting the word out about it.

    -Jenna Brianne