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Lazy Sundays with Family

Traveling with FLYJOY & Family Traditions

Bruce and I both have our sides of family here in town. We are very thankful to be able to spend time with our families more often (and spend our vacation time doing other things šŸ˜‰ ) Yes we all may live in the same town, but weĀ still have to schedule times to see each other or the business of life just fills all the space in. This past Sunday afternoon we drove down to my parents house for a late (but better than never) family tradition.

Ever since I was a kid our St. Patrick’s day meal was corned beef & cabbage. We have been long time lovers of the combination & many of us even pick this meal again for birthday dinner. While this meal is not traditional Irish, it still finds it’s roots in the American Irish immigrants. When the Irish were fleeing the Potato famine & immigrating to America, they found themselves in a place where beef was the cheaper meat (not pork like in Ireland.) Corned beef & cabbage becameĀ an affordable & easy meal to cook to feed their families. Upon inspection of the family tradition, we foundĀ out it came from my dad’s side. My dad grew up eating it as did his mother – so who knows, we may have some Irish in our roots šŸ™‚

We made our way over to my parent’s house in the afternoon which meant we had time before dinner was ready – so we snacked in the car. We love having FLYJOY bars around for such a time as this. Also, (speaking of culture) we love what they are doing around the world.Ā FLYJOYĀ gives a portion of the proceeds of each bar to HOPE International to fund small business loans and business training to help break the cycle of poverty and empower others in developing countries. You can find out more about the countries where HOPE worksĀ HERE. I’m a snacker by nature and I try to makeĀ heath conscious & ethically focused decisions in my snack world. I love that FLYJOY is not only a great tasting snack but a company that I trust and enjoy supporting! I also love learning about culture & tradition. There are so many things we’ve been doing for years and it is fun (for the history nerd in me) too see how far we can trace them back! Do you have any fun traditions/ cultural stories in your family?

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Thank you FLYJOY Ā for sponsoring this post.Ā 

  • I went to college with the founder and owner of FLYJOY and his wife lived right next to me in our dorm! They’re great! It is an awesome company and like you said, they are doing great things in the world!

    • Oak & Oats

      Girl! You literally know everyone! hahahahaah. But really, we love love FLYJOY. We love the food, the ingredients, and the mission!!!