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DIY Instagram Albums

Instagram is my favorite social media by far. I love the place to curate photos of my everyday life and be able to share the little things with you. In the past four years that I have had an Instagram account, I have been able to see my nieces & nephews grow up, snapshots of birthdays, engagements, weddings, and life events, and the progression of my personal style 😉 It is really one of my favorit things to be able to easy document the little things that make life worthwhile and save it all of a digital app…. but I wanted more.
There are so many ways to print Instagrams these days and I am all about them all but when I saw that A Beautiful Mess had these adorable 4×4 albums I snatched one up. I wanted to print out my favorites from each year to have a physical copy in my home.
Then my journey was to find the best place to print Instagrams to fit the adorable albums. Thus how I discovered Social Print Studio. I ordered up some of my favorite photos from 2015 so far and gathered all my crafting materials.

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  • Awww! This is so cute!! And crafting with a friend makes it even better. I love the watercolor June label 🙂

  • I love how cute and little these albums are! I really need to get better about printing photos.

  • Love that June page, so cute!

  • Perfect timing on this post – I’ve been trying to figure out how I want to show our instagram photos from our Asia travels this summer in print form. This is such a great idea!

    • Yes! These little books are adorable and look so great anywhere in my house! I am a huge fan!

  • Love you and Meg’s creativity!

  • Your website is seriously cute! So glad i came across it! The post is really great as well, will definitely add it to the DIY list hehe! xx

    • Thanks so much Kayla! Let me know if you make your own book! I would love to see it!

  • I love love Social Print Studio! And now I need some small photo albums like that!

  • Love these albums, so cute! Which reminds me, its time to print out some of my IG photos! I think I’ll put them in album form this time. 😉

  • These are the cutest! I love that ya’ll are doing this! I keep thinking I want to make time to sit down and work on a yearbook, we’ll see ha! I’ll put it on the list, haha 😉