Coffee Date || Volume 2

I scan the room to see if you are already here and I have a conversation with myself deciding if I should go the caffeine route or not. I end up picking the latte because this place always rocks the latte art and I don’t want to miss out – I convince myself the coffee will help me be productive and I will not be tired tomorrow with my late night. You’re there before I finish the conversation so we say the rest out loud – I guess 27 year olds can’t hold their caffeine as well as our younger selves. 
We sit down and surprisingly still have so much to talk about despite the fact we see each other nearly everyday.  I’m still surprised that you actually live her after 10 years of friendship we have never had that opportunity – I like it. I also like that everyone just thinks we are sisters these days. 
Our proximity is such a gift for this season in life and we’ve become partners-in-crime attending all the parties and going on all the adventures. We’ve also perfected the photography weekends – our memory cards are getting a workout and our instagram feeds are overflowing. 
I’m learning to be thankful for seasons because they change so much. It’s been five years since I graduated college. I’ve been out of college longer than I was in it now which still seems crazy to me. Those four years of college were filled with so many sweet times and I think of those friends who were my daily and my heart breaks a little that miles now separate us. I share how I’m writing notes, sending baby gifts, texting pictures, and trying to be as involved as I can in my best friend’s pregnancy 600 miles apart but it breaks my heart that her baby shower is this Saturday and I won’t be there. Why do we make friends – real, true, deep, best friends – if we just have to leave them. 
You know the feeling too. The day you drove out here, your friend had her baby. You’ve never met her and won’t get to until Christmas. She will be 6 months old by then – my how time files. I know you feel like you are missing out on all those little things back at home and I know that today on your birthday you are missing it all a little more. Your move to Colorado could have never been easy because of those friendships back at home – despite all the ones you had here. 
We talk more about the notes, and the time I cried/bawled on the floor this past week opening a package from my friend in Norway and you came home everyday to more birthday mail and packages from your friends all over. We talk about the balance from investing in all those far away relationships but making time for those here. We talk about the new-comer brunch at that church you’ve been checking out and the coffee dates I have planned with new friends. 
And we talk about seasons. We talk about how friends are the chocolate chips in the cookies of life – how we couldn’t get through without them. That part of living full, bold, and raw includes a heart that is full yet always missing someone. And we talk about how with each new friend, our hearts make room – stretching to fit everyone. 
We’re thankful for this season because it is a gift and we can sip the last of our coffee knowing that tonight we are getting back together with our friends for a game night and birthday celebration. You dig through your bag for your keys and I secretly pray that you’ll meet your husband here because I don’t want you ever to leave and I also pray he will be great friends with Bruce because I want the both of us to be in your wedding! 
A quick hug and a joke. We walk of laughing because right now we are in the fun season. We know our days will be spent together so we don’t have to prepare to say goodbye. We’re learning to be thankful for this season because this is where we are – some days it’s the easiest thing (because hello, we are way too much fun together) but sometimes our heart just aches for those far away friends. We’ll probably go home and write a couple letters until we meet back up for dinner. Because those people helped shape us into who we are today and we don’t want them to ever forget we care. 
PS: Happy Birthday dear friend. Welcome to the 27 club. It’s great, I promise. Don’t worry, I’m sure you will still get confused with a teenager. I still do all the time πŸ˜‰  

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry