Gold Leaves & Stripes

When I come home from work, I head straight to the kitchen. It is something that I grew up doing when I got home from school, so it just feels right. I will grab an apple, cut up a peach & put it in a glass of water (see today’s choice), make a piece of toast, or open a beer. Just pick out that little thing to enjoy as I decompress from the day. It is part of my resting time – before dinner needs to be made or we need to rush out the door. 
I decided to snap some photos when I got home from work because this is one of my go-to work looks in my Capsule Wardrobe. This is one of my favorite winter dresses from GAP but here in Colorado we don’t really have strict rules on seasons so I can wear it is the summer. I can never pack up all my winter clothes because we may have one really rainy day and you need that long sleeve dress! 
The necklace may be my favorite part about all this. I have always wanted a leaf necklace so when I saw one at MDC Artistic Designs, I was super giddy. To me, it is so Coloradoan! It adds just the right about of class and professionalism to any outfit but it is still so simple and so me. 
Dress: GAP (similar & similar)
Shoes: Banana Republic (similar) but from ThredUp
Gold Leaf Necklace: MDC Artistic Designs
Snack of Choice: Cut up peach in ice water
Galatians Print: Naptime Diaries

Author: Oak & Oats

  • You're adorable. And I love that dress! I'm working on a capsule wardrobe and I'm noticing stripes are my go-to. After work I clean, watch TV, and then go to my home office to work on freelance projects and blog things. And eat. Because food.

  • jessica church

    I have not quite mastered the after work decompress yet. I need to do something tho because I often snap at my husband right after work…. not the best.

  • That dress looks adorable on you! And that drink looks amazing!

  • I love these pictures, you look so happy! After work I stop at the gym on the way home (because if I make it home first I won't go back out to the gym) and then when I get home I usually shower and then lay around for a bit relaxing before it's time to think about dinner and whatever else I have to do that day.

  • …..annnndddddd where did you get that Galatians print on your wall???

    xoxo, Oats

  • Again, my friend, you are ADORABLE! I love the gold + stripe combination and I also love that Gap floral dress you linked to that's similar. Like reallllly love it. 🙂

    Anyway, I may be on summer break, but my post-work plan usually includes some blog reading, a workout, or a quick snack. I'm thinking trying out that peach + ice water is on my to-do list now before peach season is over!

  • Laura Milroy

    You look adorable! And I don't know what it is about gold and stripes but it is IN my friend. In, like, a big amazing way. Like the hot sauce, I could put that sh*t on everything!


  • Adorable pictures! And mmm putting peaches in water sounds like such a simple, refreshing drink!

  • Kerrin!

    I need to add that to the post! It is from one of my favorite stores of all time, Naptime Diaries!

  • That dress. *swoon*

  • Thanks so much!

  • haha! Yes, stripes are a go to of mine!

  • Oh dear. Yes, I need my 10 minutes of dropping all my stuff and sitting with a snack!

  • Thanks so much! It is just water and a peach 😉 A drink and a snack!

  • Thanks so much! And yes! I love creating a capsule wardrobe!

  • good job! I am proud of you for going to work out after work!

  • Me too Kiki! It is the same cut but obviously a different print… but I love it so much!

    It is really easy, like you just drink all the water and you get to eat the peach. but it makes it all so refreshing!

  • That print. That dress. In love.

  • your outfit is adorbs! and your smile is so beautiful 🙂 after work i usually head outside to throw sticks for my dog, who is the best fetcher i've seen haha

  • Elizabeth, you are always so stylish and cute!! Finding clothes that I love AND that look good on me is a huge challenge for me. What is your suggestion on overcoming this? 🙂

  • Love the dress and necklace! Also, your eyes are gorgeous!!

  • allisonramsing

    Love your dress!