Harry Potter Style

Here is a bad joke for your Thursday: What do you get when you put two nerds in Thug Life Shirts in the middle of a zoo? Pictures in front of a hippo mosaic! Obviously. 
In serious news, Bruce and I wore our Harry Potter Shirts to the zoo and fully embraced our inner nerds. We got a lot of positive feedback – the way anything fandom brings out the fellow fans. and you BEST be believing that we will be wearing these shirts when we go to Harry Potter World (again) in December! 
Can I also just add that every time I read my shirt it makes me giggle? It does! I think it is just so witty! 
Hogwarts Alumni Shirt: Thug Life (use code OAK&OATS15 for 15% off!)
Shorts: Old Navy
Grandpa Hat: Thrifted
Shoes: Chacos (Similar)
Obsessed Harry Potter Shirt: Thug Life (use code OAK&OATS15 for 15% off!)
Shorts: GAP
Necklace: Laite Jewlery
Shoes: Chacos (Custom Made)
make sure to use code: OAK&OATS15 for 15% off your Thug Life Shirts purchase!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • that shirt is seriously awesome! #NeedIt

  • that is the most witty shirt!!! 🙂

  • Stop this right now. I can't even handle how awesome this nerdiness is. You best be believing Laura and I need to get some shirts for HP world in December too!!

  • Oh my gracious, I was literally JUST looking at these shirts the other day. I'm so obsessed with basically all their phrases. So funny! How could I choose just one?

  • Haha I LOVE your shirt! that is too cute!

  • this just made my day. too much cuteness, and I am loving the fact that you two embraced your nerdiness and wore these awesome shirts. yay harry potter!

  • Oh girl! I will be making my Children read the books. We must continue passing it on to the younger generations!

  • Right??!?! I just love it!

  • FOR REALS! Also, Bruce is a pro in blog post photo shoots now… just in cast you need him for any posts.

  • I know right?!! They are amazing!

  • Don't worry, he was in my post yesterday and I'm going to make him be in tons of Disney posts after our trip 😉

  • The first photo of you is stunning. Seriously, you're so stinkin' cute!


  • Lauren Flowers

    Girl yes! Nothing wrong with sporting some HP!

  • jessica church

    Oh my gosh I want that shirt so bad!!! HP for life!!


  • Love your shirts! My husband and I need those but for The Lord of the Rings! -Jess

  • Those would be so fun! Things like "Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew." OR "my precious" OR "none shall pass"

  • Thanks! I laugh every time!

  • Jessica Thornton

    This is just SO good. The HP. The hippos. All of it.

  • good

  • Thanks Lady!

  • For reals!

  • Oh! Sweet lady! You are adorable!

  • Thanks!

  • Those are perfect! I'd also add my personal fave: "Keep it secret, keep it safe" to the collection 😉 -Jess

  • LOVE IT! I say that every time someone tells me a secret…. I don't know if that makes them feel more or less secure about telling me the secret… @Megan McIlvaine 😉

  • Way fun huh?!!?

  • HAHA! Thanks. So much fun in one place!

  • Haha. You guys are just too cute! I love those shirts!

  • I'm obsessed with Harry Potter!! I NEED one of these shirts! So awesome!

  • We do the same thing at our house haha 😉 -Jess

  • I am going to Universal's Wizarding World of Harry Potter this weekend and I actually really wanted to get shirts like this for my boyfriend and me! I'm not sure if he will go for it but I'm pretty obsessed!

  • You can get him the classic deathly hallows one! It is not toooo nerdy!

  • RIGHT?!!? They are the best!

  • Thanks! We love our nerd style!

  • Katherine Elizabeth

    You are a gem! Love these : )

  • Oh! Thanks dear!

  • Heather Harrington

    I have the same Hogwarts Alumni shirt, it's one of my favorites!

  • So fun!!!! I love rocking Nerd Gear!

  • LOVE that shirt… I need it in my life!


  • Perfect outfit and incredible scenery. Love this!

  • Thanks 🙂 I love fun t-shirts like this!

  • Totally!

  • LOVE your tee, that is super cute!!

  • Thanks! I love collecting fun graphic tees!