Maternity Buys

Today I was trying to figure out something to wear outside of the house. So far t-shirts and sweatshirts are still working for working at home but a lot of my nicer shirts are starting not to fit …and it is not just the growing bump (hint: the girls are also crowding out my normal clothes.) It’s funny to have to purchase new clothes for my changing body. I’ve been the same size for years now so I never needed to buy new things, I just could if I wanted! Now I am actually needing to buy new clothes for comfort!

Here are some of the things I have been loving lately and picked up to try out. I don’t know what it is about maternity overalls but I am so into them! I am really hoping this pair fits! I also saw some on H&M maternity but they were out of my size! I also am needing some lounge shorts in maternity. We’ve had a couple warm days and my classic Nike shorts are cutting into my belly big time! haha. I found this pair and am hoping they are comfortable!¬†As far as tops go, I am looking for anything I can wear with leggings because I want to wear these leggings everyday! So here are some things that have made it into my cart recently. Soon I’ll be sharing a post on a capsule wardrobe of sorts with all the things I end up keeping and wearing. I don’t want to go crazy with maternity clothes since it is only a season BUT I really want to be intentional about the clothes I get while creating a functional wardrobe for the next 6 months!

Motherhood Skirted Maternity Top || Motherhood Maternity Sleeveless Blouse 

Motherhood Maternity Slimfit Sleep Shorts || Motherhood Maternity Hoodie

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry