February Goal Check-In

I’m so excited to be going through Lara Casey’s Power Sheets this year. I’ve done them in the past but not wholeheartedly. This year is different. And while it took me a couple weeks to really dig into this new year and iron out my goals, I shared them here. I’ve debated back and forth if I should make monthly posts that share how the year is going with you. The power sheets are set up to help you reflect on the month before and outline the new month. It takes all those big goals and makes them more manageable – and I’m really digging it!

I thought why the heck not share progress with you. If you also set goals and dreams for the new year we can all share our progress together. And if you are not into posts like this, you can always skip it! If you are into said posts – read on my friend!


The “January blues” hit me pretty hard this year. That’s kind of an understatement. I was drained of energy, doubting everything, and uninspired. I was also sick. and I think a little burnt out. It was honestly a bit of an identity crisis. But the Lord showed up in new and beautiful ways. I was forced away from being so “work” and “success” minded that I was able to focus on other things – like my time with Jesus, my health, and my relationship with Bruce. I needed to get back to the most important things because when out of order, everything falls apart. Augustine talks about rightly ordered loves – meaning that our loves (the things we value) need to be in the right order or else they are twisted and sinful. Moving the Lord back to my first love (in a hard season) made the hard season worth it because my heart was changed.

I learned in January that we all need to slow down sometimes. And I also learned the go, go, go (work, work,work) way of running Oak + Oats was not going to fly this year.

“Goals that are Growing well”

  1. Read one book a month for fun. I read a book! It was Eldest, the second book in the Inheritance Cycle. On to book #3!
  2. Daily quiet times and worship music mornings. Nearly every morning and it was SO good for my heart! I ordered the She Reads Truth Lent study for next month too and I am so excited!
  3. Be part of a church community. We’ve been going to church and trying to get to know the people who sit around us. Just being consistent is helping us be part of the community.
  4. Move to natural beauty & hygiene products. I went a little bit crazy with this but I am having fun. I have all new lip stuff (all the old ones are in the trash) and have been ordering natural when I run out of anything else. Just got some natural dry shampoo from Fox & Jane and it is the best!
  5. Hire an Intern & see how it goes. Long story short, I have an amazing intern who fell into my lap and is so flexible with me as we try to figure out this whole thing!
  6. Prioritize health.  Yes! I have been trying to get the sleep I actually need and its magical. Also adding in way more fruits and veggies into my diet and on the tale ends of the month, trying to make more meals at home!


“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God” (1 Cor. 10:31)

Monthly Goals

  1. Start working with Bushel & Bunch for blog & brand consultation.
  2. Read a book (Brisingr.)
  3. Sort through clothes & organize.
  4. Go on Vacation to DISNEY WORLD! Take lots of pics!
  5. Buy natural when I run out of beauty products.

Weekly Goals

  1. Blog 3x a week – M, W, F.
  2. Do the laundry.
  3. Weekly Internship Check-in Meetings.
  4. Go to Church.
  5. Take Photos for fun!

Daily Goals

  1. Quiet Times (and Lent coming up!)
  2. Make a smoothie.
  3. Make dinner.
  4. SLEEP!

How was your January? What does your February hold?

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry