A Thanksgiving Outfit

LOCATION: The Broadmoor

OUTFIT DETAILS: Lark & Ro Coat || Black Boots || Boatneck Sweater || Mid Rise Easy Jeggings

Can you believe this week is Thanksgiving? I feel like it has totally snuck up on me! In an attempt to stay on top of work, I have definitely missed staying on top of my personal life! hahah. But I am writing down the ingredients for the four dishes I am bringing to Thanksgiving dinner so I can go shopping on Tuesday and I’m feeling better about it.

Growing up, we would watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade every year. My dad would record both channels so that we could watch them both and he would start over at the beginning when we all woke up late in high school. It’s one of my favorite memories & traditions. Ever since I’ve been married, I’ve tried to create our own traditions and see how my old ones can fit into this new life. These days, I turn on the parade when I wake up and I bake in the kitchen while I watch it (my favorite part is the musicals!!) It has become a special time and tradition even though all my siblings are not sitting on the couch next to me. All that to say, I plan on watching the parade while I bake on Thursday and I am pumped about it!

Outfit wise, I think it is fun to dress up for the holidays but in a comfortable way. I mean, you are eating and hanging out, maybe going on a walk or throwing the football. It is an all day affair so comfort is important still. The weather & temperatures also always fluctuate. The moment the sun goes down (which is like 3:30 these days!) the temp drops at least 10 degrees. But you also have to keep in mind that you are gathering in a home with a bunch of people and the oven has been on all day. Every time I wear a turtleneck I regret it because I get SO HOT inside! That is what I love about this quarter-sleeve sweater! It is light weight and you can push up the sleeves if you get hot!

What are your Thanksgiving traditions? Do you dress up for dinner? Any other parade watchers out there?! Let me know in the comments!!

Author: Oak & Oats

  • Amy

    I love that one of your traditions growing up, and even now, is to watch the parade! We never really did that. We would play records, cook, and just be crazy with family and football hahaha.

    I am LOVING your outfit; seriously the entire thing from the jacket to the shirt to the pants to the shoes! <3
    I try to dress cute and then I bring a change of clothes like super chill comfy leggings or something because jeans are way too tight after all the food hahaha

  • Such a cute coat! Love the cute look for Thanksgiving!

  • gentri lee

    OMG thank you for the reminder to NOT wear anything TOO heavy during dinner. haha! I did that today (wasn’t even in the kitchen) and was dying! I love this outfit, that coat is gorgeous! Also, you made me so excited for Thursday! I think I’ll wear something simple, comfy, yet still cute so I can enjoy the day without feeling too fussy. Even though I love the idea of dressing up for holidays, I just don’t have anyone to impress. LOL!

    • For real!!! I’m all about the layers for holiday gatherings because of how hot it can get! hahaha!

  • Amanda | Maple Alps

    Cute outfit! It’s perfect for Thanksgiving. I love how you’ve added some old traditions to new ones. Sometimes it’s hard to balance, but you’ve done great!

  • Abi

    love these photos – love the outfit! I’m always reaching for something orange/yellow/green on Thanksgiving! I can’t help it!
    Also, were these photos shot with your 50mm too?