Back to Work in Style

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When I graduated college I instantly missed being able to get ready for “back to school.” I literally felt a void as August rolled around and I didn’t head to the stores for college-ruled notebooks and new pens. Not to mention a couple new wardrobe staples and a new lunch box (got to love lunch boxes!!!) It was one of my favorite times of the year! I loved being able to load up on new supplies, set goals for the new year, plan my schedule, and pick all the right tools to help me do my best. The planner in me thrived in the Back to School hustle where I dreamed of kicking booty, socializing, and having the cutest notes in class.

But then I realized that didn’t have to end when my school years ended. In fact, it is more important than ever to get “Back to Work” ready when you are in a job or, like me, own your own business! That first August I didn’t have a job. I was post graduation and my last summer as a camp counselor and pre any kind of job. Not only did I have nothing to prepare for, I also had no money to spend on new pens. But then I got a job (finally) and I realized my dreams of getting back to school ready were, in fact, still very alive.

Today I am sharing my “Back to Work” tips and tricks for supplies, organization, and goals! It is important to pause and reflect every year on the gear we need to make our business successful!


If you didn’t catch it yet, I’m a sucker for colorful pens and taking pretty notes. A physical planner is HUGE for this. I love having one that I write things in – top 3 things I want to get done each day, upcoming posts, to-do lists, things I need to pick up at Target, birthdays, post ideas, general notes, etc. But I am also insanely reliant on my Google calendar! I schedule all my blog posts there (at least a couple weeks out if not months), I share a personal calendar with my husband, I have birthdays that are scheduled annually, and really if it isn’t on that calendar, it doesn’t happen! What I love the most about it is that I can check it on my phone, my desktop, my laptop, or anywhere with service and a device!


Laptops are an obvious investment for school and work – especially my job as a blogger. I love my desktop at home but I need to have a computer that can be as on-the-go as I am. But one thing we can overlook is a quality cell phone. As a lifestyle blogger & photographer (and shop owner!) I use my smart phone for everything (I don’t have a work landline!) This year for back to school I upgraded my three year old phone for the Samsung Galaxy S8+ at Target while I was gathering up all the rest of my supplies!

I’m a huge fan of the infinity screen so that I can get the best Instagram & Pinterest breaks a girl could ask for. It’s also water resistant (AKA made for me) – I don’t know why but coffee always jumps out of my cup in the mornings! But the real gem is the camera – so good!

If you’re ready for an upgrade too, you can grab the GS8 or GS8+ at Target and get a $200 Target GiftCard(TM)! So grab a phone and stock up on all the other back to work essentials!

PS: Make sure to check back HERE for any future promotional updates that might be available with the purchase of a GS8 or GS8+ from Target!!


This sounds silly but it is totally real. When you have that cute pen pouch filled with your favorite pens and a planner that make you happy every time you look at it, you will be much more invested in writing in it. You’ll want to set goals, cross things off, cart it around with you. Having supplies that you actually enjoy using change your demeanor toward work.


January screams “make goals” but the rest of the year it can fall by the wayside if we don’t take the time to reflect. Sometimes just the word goals can also throw me for a loop. The overachiever/ school lover in me craves growth and deadlines and productivity but the human in me can get overwhelmed by the expectations I place on myself. So I have a love/hate with goals because I hate failure. Back to School is a good season to revisit goals or make new goals. Her are my goal rules:

  1. Goals are to help you move in the direction you want and help use your gifts, talents, passions best. You should feel free and empowered.
  2. Goals are meant to be refined, changed, reset, and accomplished. – AKA they are flexible. They make sure you are going the direction you want but they can be changed, finished, or scratched off as you live life and move forward! Don’t let goals box you in and overwhelm you.

Back to School season is for making new goals but also reflecting and refining. Sit down with a new pen and a blank journal and fill it up.

So if you are a girl boss like me and missing that “Back to School” rush, don’t let it pass you by! Take it as a sign to get “Back to Work” ready – refresh, create, plan, and dream! What are some of your favorite supplies?

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • YES to cute work supplies! I never realized this until recently how much having cute and quirky things actually help my organizational skills and my productivity. It’s so weird, but I guess it has more to do with the fact that it cultivates the environment in which I feel the most productive in. I love your tips!!

    • Yes! You are totally right! It cultivates a happy environment which helps things get done!

  • Cute! I love this style and your bag!

  • Abi Tomberlin

    I just can’t do anything other than Apple products… what have they done to me?!?!? But also, I still haven’t nailed down a good planner/calendar system. I’m sure the right electronic one is out there, for a price =) So I DO use a couple different one – a desk one, a dry erase one, and a digital one. SO many…

    • LOL! I’m the opposite! haha. I can’t spend the money on Apple when I know there are other more affordable yet just as high quality (if not higher) out there! Since I run my own business, I’m pretty picky on what I spend my money on 🙂 But I don’t hate you for loving Apple – they do a great job with branding and really make their customers feel like they need it. I give them props for their branding and marketing! haha. Do you use Google Calendar? It is seriously a life saver for me!

  • When I graduated college, I went right into teaching, so I definitely still got that “back to school” feeling prolonged a bit! But since I chose to stay at home with my daughter after 4 years of teaching, I definitely know what you mean when you say that you miss that feeling—a new school year always felt like such a fresh start, with infinite possibilities, and when you don’t have that as a marker, it can sometimes seem like life is just slogging along in its usual routine.

    One way that I’ve been trying to keep myself on track this year with goals is to set them monthly, rather than just yearly. While monthly goals have been good, I think I might try seasonal goals next year—harness that energy that comes from going into a brand new season of the year!

    • Totally! I love this!!! I’m all about seasonal and monthly because who can remember yearly ones?!! haha!

  • Love this post! Isn’t it funny how we all sometimes fall into that category as “back to school” when fall or spring semesters pop up! Haha. 🙂

    • Yes! It is the best. It is totally ingrained in me and I love it! haha!

  • I’m so with you! I loved going back to school as a kid and getting all my school supplies. As a teacher, I love it so much now, especially since I get to welcome the kiddos back to school and garner that feeling of excitement as they begin a new year. There’s nothing quite like the fresh possibilities of a new school year.

  • Amy

    I always get so excited when I see the school supplies come out – I’m a school supply junkie!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my daily planner. It helps save my life haha.
    Also, that new phone girl, yaasssss how cool is that infinity screen?! <3

    • AMY! YAY! It’s it the best!! I love wandering the aisles at Target! And eeeps – I also love the infinity screen!!

  • Yessss! I love my planner, paper and digital, haha! Google calendar for life! and Google Keep, haha! I’m also grateful for good tech! It’s so helpful! I’m also excited for my year end goals! Doing my best not to get ahead of myself, haha!