Weeknight Grilling

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LOCATION: Westmoor Park

OUTFIT DETAILS: Crop Top (Similar, Similar , Similar) || Shorts ||  Chacos (Lavender Diamond)

The summer sun is staying out later and I know I am not the only one loving every minute of it! I remember when I worked at my full time job and during the winter the sun would set before I even got off work. Those days were hard. Now I can make sure to get some sun time even during the winter, but it is so much better to get off work and get outside! Last week I texted some friends and told them we should meet at the park after work. I told them I would have food, a hammock, and a slackline – all good things and they obviously showed up! Meg and I spent a lot of time resting in the hammock and eating cookies because we worked all day and needed resssst!

This dinner literally took me 15 minutes to prepare and 5-10 minutes to grill. Something that is perfect for those long days at work when you just want to be playing and not cooking in the kitchen (#mylifeallthetime) I gathered everything we would need for grilling including al fresco all natural chicken sausage for our brats! I am a huge fan of them already being cooked so that we don’t have to worry about cooking them for a long time or checking a million times to see if they are done. I went back and forth with grilling them at the park or our house. As the time came closer, everyone was running a couple minutes behind so I threw them on our grill to heat them up and they were ready by the time we had to leave.

When we got to the park we threw down a blanket and started eating – it was perfect! The al fresco all natural chicken sausage is not only quick to prepare but also a healthy alternative! al fresco chicken sausage is 100% all natural with no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no nitrates or nitrites, and MSG/gluten-free! It helped us create a simple, well balanced meal without a lot of prep or worrying about transporting raw meat. It is a win-win all around.

This summer make sure to get outside for a meal (or all your meals!) You can find a place to picnic along a hike, head to a park, or enjoy your own backyard! The vitamin D is life changing. While you are at it, spend less time cooking and more time playing with your family. I promise it is worth it!


  • Buns
  • al fresco Chicken Sausage (In the flavors of your choice! We did Sweet Apple & Sweet Italian)
  • Katchup & Mustard
  • Red Onions (grilled or fresh)
  • Sauerkraut
  • Fruit Salad
  • Chips
  • Napkins, Plates, and silverware


  1. Gather ingredients and start packing them up. Use a cooler for items that need to stay cold and a bag for everything else.
  2. Cut the fruit you have up and throw it into a bowl to make a simple fruit salad.
  3. Grill the al fresco Chicken Sausage for 5-10 minutes to warm them up and get the outsides a little crispy.
  4. Place in bun and add condiments to taste!
  5. Enjoy your food and then go play!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

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