The Farmer’s Market

LOCATION: Old Colorado City

OUTFIT DETAILS: Lavender Diamond Chacos || Crazy Plant Lady T-Shirt || Floral Skirt (Similar Similar) || So Fresh & So Green Green Tote Bag || Topo Accessory Shoulder Bag || Raspberry LipSense

Thank you Naked Juice for sponsoring this post! All thoughts & opinions are my own.

The Farmer’s Markets are now alive and kicking here in Colorado Springs. As much as I can, I weave Saturday mornings at the Farmer’s Market into our summer schedule. It is like pulling teeth to get me to want to go to the grocery store but the Farmer’s Market it a totally different vibe (and story – I’m like a puppy dog at the door!) It is calmer, the air is fresher, and the people are kinder. We walk around the booths, talking to owners, trying samples, and figuring out what we will buy that day.

We filled my bag with fresh fruits & veggies (like we always do) but even more so because we’ve declared this summer the summer of salads! This year we discovered a new favorite booth – Emerge Aquaponics – and picked up some delicious bib lettuce from them. We also found giant tomatoes (perfect for burgers), plums, avocados, and cherries.

I grabbed a couple Naked Cold Pressed Juices for us to sip on as we walked around the Market. 1. Because they are delicious, 2. Because it is hot, and 3. Because they are packed with high quality fruits and vegetables that are cold-pressed right into the bottle & shipped fresh. They pretty much allow me to be a juicer without having to make a mess!

When we arrived home, I whipped up some fresh chicken salad lettuce wraps with some of the ingredients we picked up that morning. It was so darn tasty. And also so fun to know where all the ingredients came from. As much as I love adventure, it is so nice to also allow for slow days. Slow days walking around the Farmer’s Market, making lunch in your kitchen, and sitting on the porch with a cold juice.

Do you have local Farmer’s Markets that you try to go to? What are some of your favorite finds? I encourage you to head to one near you this summer, find some fresh new ingredients, and allow yourself to slow down a little.

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • I love your shirt!!!

  • LOVE Farmer’s Markets, I was just at one last weekend! I also didn’t know about the Naked Pressed juices but they sound delicious. Love your skirt too, girl!

    • Oak & Oats

      Thanks Allie!! I love them! And yes, SOOOOO good!

  • ok, first things first, YOUR OUTFIT IS AMAZING! <3
    Second i'm loving both of the bags
    Third – those juices look amazing!!

  • Farmer’s markets really are the best! I love getting fresh fruits and veggies from local growers!

  • I love that tshirt, and the drinks look so good! What a fun farmer’s market. The one near us is wayyyy more low-key but I’m toying with the idea of jumping in with a Wild Cedar Co. table!

    • The drinks are sooo tasty!! You should really jump in with a table!!!! How fun!!

  • We have farmers markets all year round, i guess i forget how lucky we are to have them as an option. There is almost a different one every days within 15 mins, but our favorite one is near the beach. 🙂

    • Oak & Oats

      Yes! Places not with snowy winters have year round markets and I always think that is so cool!

  • The pineapple and cucumber one looks really yummy. I’ve never tried the pressed kind before but maybe I will have to when I see it at Publix one day. Especially after a long beach day… I run to that cold juice section to refuel ahah.


    • Oak & Oats

      It is SOOOO good! Like mega refreshing! You should try it!

  • Love your shirt, haha! I definitely prefer farmer’s markets over grocery stores. For the first time, our town has established its own farmer’s market every Sunday for the summer, and it’s very close to my house, so it’s great to get some fresh local produce that’s nearby. 🙂

    • Oak & Oats

      Thanks so much!! I also love the shirt!! That is so great that you have your own market too!

  • The farmer’s market is my FAVORITE part of summer–these pics are so cute!

  • I loved this post! I need to make it to my Farmer’s Market more often. I love the simplicity of Sundays!