Tips for a Spring Style Refresh

As I sit here at my computer the windows are open, the birds are singing, the trees are rustling, and I can smell the blooming flowers & growing grass. It’s Spring! I am a fan of all four seasons. I love the change. I love putting away the old for the new. I have been reading “The Road Back to You” (which is a book on the Enneagram) and I’m pretty sure I am a 7 with a 6 wing (if that means anything to you.) One of the characteristics of that type is getting bored easily and I see that with the seasons. I love the start of them but I get itchy for change a couple months later.

I am trying to be more intentional about each season and one of the ways that I am doing that is looking at my life & habits. Winter ways & lifestyles need to also be put away for Spring ones. Today I am sharing my five tips for a Spring Style Refresh!

Switch up your Shampoo/ Conditioner

That super moisturizing routine of Winter is no longer needed. We are actually getting some rain & different temperatures. Also, it is good to switch up your hair products each season so you don’t become immune to it. I love the Arbonne self-adjusting shampoo for this in between season. It regulates and moisturizes! And this daily conditioner with root cream really moves your hair from Winter to Summer! I love Arbonne products and if you want to try this spring you should connect with my girl Arica – send her a message and she can help you get the best deal on the best products for you!

Throw Away your Make Up Brush

I am always way too hesitant to throw away my brushes but it needs to happen. Cleaning them regularly is SO important but you also need to get new ones to start fresh. Throw away last years brushes and get new ones – it is best for your face & skin and brushes we’re not made to last forever! 

Buy a Shade Darker in your Foundation

This happens to me every year. I will be putting on BB cream a little too light as I go into the summer and when I finally switch, I am wearing a bit to dark into winter. Just start in spring by grabbing a shade darker so you can switch as your skin gets a bit sun-kissed! I use the Maybelline BB Cream and switch from light to light/medium for the summer months.

Invest in Some Spring Jeans

This year I am rocking the high wasted mom jeans. Got to love that these are back in style! I also can’t get enough of ripped jeans and these ones with tasteful paint splatters have become my favorite. More than once I’ve been asked by children whey I have paint on my clothes, but that’s part of what makes them too fun. Telling kids you bought clothes with rips and paint on them is hilarious! Really I just love how classic yet carefree they are. They are a staple in my Spring wardrobe. Pair them with a white t-shirt and you are good to go. Dress them up for a night out or down for daily errands. I bought this pair at the GAP and I’m in love!

Bright Lips

Now that Spring is here, switch out your darker winter shades for fruity summer ones! This Raspberry LipSense is my new jam (no pun intended) because it is bright, fun, and flirty. I am a new fan of LipSense in general because you put it on in the morning and it lasts throughout the day! You don’t have to worry about it getting on your teeth, your coffee mug, or baby foreheads. It’s also make-out proof 😉 Spring is about simplifying and not having to worry about bright lips all day leads to a simpler life! If you want to join the LipSense gang, head over here and Jamie will answer all your questions and get you some spring lips! 

What are some of your ways that you refresh your style for Spring?

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • These are great tips!!! I’ve just gotten new shampoo + conditioner and new makeup brushes (long overdue ????). These little things make a big difference!

  • I only just bought my first lipstick since 5th grade (so of course I went cheap and spent like $1.50 HAHA) but it gets on everythinggg–definitely not make-out proof HAHA. Clearly I need to invest in Lipsense!

  • Those jeans look amazing!
    And I keep hering about LipSense, It definitely looks awesome.