Airport Trips

LOCATION: Orlando Airport (MCO)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Patagonia Better Sweater || Gap Skinnies || Let’s Get Lost Tee || Chaco Kanarra Shoes || Gabbiano Luggage || Jo Totes Camera Bag

Bruce and I have been flying a lot more these days. I don’t hate it 😉 We love the time that it saves us when we don’t have to drive (confession: I want to love road trips… I just don’t always love them) and our Southwest card makes it so convenient! We flew out to Orlando for my little sister’s wedding and we joked about how familier we are with this airport even though it is not our home base. We have flown into this airport 5 times in our 4.5 years of marriage!

Winter flying is kind of tricky. Not only do you have to deal with unplanned snowstorms (delays, cancellations) but you also have to figure out how to pack when going from freezing to hot. LAYERS are key. Whenever we fly out of Colorado in the winter, we usually are going some place much warmer. On the day we left for Florida, the snow was falling, the wind was blowing, and it was a nice 10 degrees out. It was 70 in Florida. I tend to dress for the winter weather (because I don’t want to freeze before I get there) but I also try to layer in a way that will help me not suffocate when I get into the warm weather. Not only all that, but you have to be comfortable on the plane! My go-to is jeans, Chaco tennies (if I can’t wear my classic Chacos), a t-shirt, and my better sweater. Keeps my comfortable on the plane and mostly comfortable in the extreme weathers!

We just got this Gabbiano Luggage and it is the dream. Bruce and I shared this bag because we were checking it and it just made everything easier. It totally was just at the 50 lbs limit but I easily rolled it around because these wheels are magic. And by ” I wheeled it around” I mean I did for like 5 minutes before Bruce took care of it for me!


Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Looks like sturdy luggage! (And ya gotta have the wheels, they make it so much easier lol!)

    • Oak & Oats

      ahah! But for real they do!

  • Our last plane trip we went from dreary, cold, and rainy weather to sunny and tropical! I am so glad that I wore my favorite crop leggings and a tank top under my Northface fleece. Dressing in layers is important when you go to different climates ha ha!

    • Oak & Oats

      YES! For real!

  • Travel style is so tricky because of how cold the airport can be, too! I usually opt for leggings because they’re more comfy than jeans for long flights but warmer than a skirt.