Deck the Halls: Tips for Gift Wrapping this Year!

gifts-3I love this @minted wrapping paper To me there areย two parts to the gift giving process. The gift picking out (obvi) and then the gift wrapping. I always get a kick out of wrapping each gift differently and filling my tree with all sorts of gifts. I go through different phases and seasons but I really love having all our gifts match.

We only open a couple of our gifts at our home on Christmas morning and the rest of them we take with us to our family Christmas events. When I discovered that Minted has wrapping paper that you could personalize, I was so interested. Now everyone will know our gifts as we restack them under the tree ๐Ÿ˜‰

Quick Tips for wrapping gifts

  • Don’t feel like it needs to be perfect, quirky wrappings are all the rage
  • Try using a couple types of wrapping paper on one gift. In the bottomย photo I accordion folded a scrap of other paper and wrapped it around the gift! It was then easy to slide in a gift tag.
  • Try a one stop shop for all your wrapping needs (like Minted) so you are not running around town trying to get everything you need!
  • Don’t have ribbons or bows? Try cutting strips of paper and making them into a bow! Get creative!
  • Let the wrapping show your personality. It is always fun to know just who the gift is from before you read the card – “Yay! I know this one is mine from Uncle Bruce & Aunt Beth!” is always so fun and adds to the excitement.
  • Check outย this Gift Wrap Style Guide for inspiration.
  • Don’t stress! Wrapping gifts should be fun and not overwhelming. Try only wrapping a couple at a time and leaving all the supplies in one area in your office so that you can come back later. If that isn’t possible and you are in a time crunch, don’t feel bad about using bags or enlisting help from others (obviously not their own gift.) ย Don’t let trying to wrap every gift perfectly steal your joy!

I love this @minted wrapping paper I love this personalized Minted Wrapping Paper

What is your gift wrap story? Do you have any wrapping favorites or go-tos? Have you ever used wrapping paper form Minted before?

xoxo, elizabeth

Author: Oak & Oats

  • I love this! Wrapping gifts is one of my very favorite parts of giving gifts. I love the accordion fold that you did on the last present!

    • Oak & Oats

      It was so fun! I’m super into it! hahha

  • I like to do the old classic, brown paper packages tied up with string ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Bonus: you can get the brown paper from the post office and it’s fairly inexpensive, and you get a lot of it in a roll.. I find that with specific wrapping paper, I always have to buy multiple rolls because there is never enough to wrap what I want!

    • Oak & Oats

      Oh! I had no idea! I will have to check that out next time!! Thanks!

  • Gift wrapping can be so much fun! When you don’t stress about it! I love how each family member who gives gifts has a different personality from my Aunt’s whose are always picture perfect with beautiful bows to my boyfriend’s whose are always a quirky combination of different wrapping papers that I know he spent so much time trying to put together!

    • Oak & Oats

      Yes! I love it too! All the personality!

  • I suck at wrapping gifts, so I just put them in cute bags! Haha!

    • Oak & Oats

      I love that! Own it girl!!

  • I save all my wrapping and do it ALL in one afternoon. It is my favorite part of the holidays!

    • Oak & Oats

      Oh fun! I just get so overwhelmed with trying to “hide” gifts that I try to wrap them right away! hhaha

  • I am SO AWFUL at gift-wrapping. It’s laughable how bad I am. If something is perfectly square-shaped I’m okay, but any peculiar shape and I’m a complete mess. Definitely need to check out some tutorials this Christmas to hopefully hone my wrapping skills.

    • Oak & Oats

      I love this Kendall! It is wrapped with personality!

  • Beth! Love how cozy these photos are! I just finished up our wrapping this week! It was so fun! I’m almost out of twine!

    • Oak & Oats

      Thanks! This was Bruce’s idea! To do them in the evening near the tree! He is making me get out of my photography comfort zone!