Coffee Date || Volume 4

Coffee date with Lindsay Letters Mug "Let Heaven and Nature Sing!" I love the reminder.

I sit here tonight snuggled up in my thermals with a giant blanket around me. This 60 degree change from our Florida trip to back at home has me all snuggled up. I’m so glad to slow down if just for one evening. Funny thing is that in reality I have a million things to do, but I am practicing letting those things go, handing them all to the Lord one by one.Β And yes, I mean practicing because I just cried about the pile of clean laundry on my bed that needs to be folded.

I’ve been noticing lately ( like the last several months/years) that I tend towards being a slave to my to-do list. I let it define me and control me and fall apart when things don’t go as planned. It is not a pretty thing and makes me realize just how much I need Jesus. But then I get on a roll again (smiling, sending notes, checking things off my list, having everyone awe about how much I get done) and I feel like I have worked myself out of my mess (instead of the grace of Jesus) and then it all crashes again and thus the cycle continues. That is why I say practicing because it is easy to letΒ productivity & perfection rule me but I need to change that habit, that pattern and it is something that I have to chose moment by moment (remember crying Elizabeth over my pile of laundry?)

Want to know what I learned today (besides the fact that Jimmy Fallon made this adorable JCrew phone case)?! I learned that Thanksgiving is next week. It is crazy people. This is when my to-do list starts freaking out. Like my house doesn’t have carpet yet, how am I supposed to decorate for Christmas!? This is where that practicing comes in because of course I want to decorate for Christmas and it is fun to create a warm & welcoming home for guests around the holidays but is that the most important? Is the holiday season all about perfectly decorating your house and then sharing pretty, bright pictures of it on Instagram? Can the Lord still use me and an unfinished to-do list to reflect the true meaning of Christmas? To show Christ, to be generous, to share the Gospel?

Joy to the world, the Lord is come
Let Earth receive her King
Let every heart, prepare him room
And Heaven, let Heaven
Heaven and nature
Heaven and nature sing

Let every heart prepare Him room. When my heart is so cluttered with expectations, stress, and fear, I leave no room for Jesus. My drive to get my outside world ready for the holidays doesn’t also prepare room in my heart. In fact, it can sometimes do the opposite – block him out. I’m too busy setting up for Christmas, shopping for gifts, and creating wish lists (full of affiliate links so I can try to make money) to even spend time with Him.

I don’t want you to think that I have it all together. I’m sinful and messy and in need of grace just like you. I say hurtful things, I am selfish & self seeking, I let fear control me, and I pretend my sin isn’t that bad. Sometimes we forget the people around us are just as messy as we are. We live for people’s approval over the Lord’s approval. But grace is always there and it covers all that sin. We cannot work ourselves out of our mess but we don’t have to drown. In this crazy season that vies for so much of our attention and time, let us first seek the Lord and lay our lists at His feet.

Let the Lord fill you with his song. Rejoice with the heavens and the earth regardless of your circumstances this holiday season. Prepare Him room and let go of those other things that are cluttering your heart. And it is okay if you have to practiceΒ doing that day by day and moment by moment. His grace is always better than our striving.

Coffee date with Lindsay Letters Mug "Let Heaven and Nature Sing!" I love the reminder.

Thanks for listening to my heart and nodding your head (I hope at least a little) to the crazy, hectic, holiday to-do list syndrome. My prayer is that this season would be different for you. That you would be able to let go, forgive, be generous, receive grace, and experience the Lord in a new way this Christmas.

We also wanted to give you the opportunity to win this mug as a reminder of this season. Meg, Sam, and I are so thankful for you! To enter to win this beautiful Lindsay Letters Mug, fill out the rafflecopter below! Good Luck!

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xoxo, elizabeth

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Heather B

    I just love decorating Christmas cookies with the whole family!

    • Heather B

      Also, the Buddy canvas is the best thing I have ever seen! but I also love the traditional vow canvas and the more water tumbler!

  • I love your perspective on this! I have been trying hard not to be down over not having a space that feels like home or someplace to decorate for the holidays, too. I hope your space will come together, but if it doesn’t…next year will be fantastic!

    I’m heading home for the holidays this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited to be surrounded by friends and family. I’ve really learned what’s important over the past few months, and nothing will be as important as the people I spend my days with. We always head to my uncle’s and surround two big tables to share a meal together, and I cannot wait for that chaos!

    PS, love the mug!

  • One of my favorite Christmas traditions is Christmas morning breakfast at my parents. My mom makes an egg casserole, and we have fresh fruit, cinnamon rolls, bagels, etc. We sip our coffee and enjoy a slow, peaceful start to our Christmas morning. It is my favorite part of our family’s Christmas every year.

  • I like Lindsey’s Bethlehem canvas, both of her campfire mugs, the Little Treat Stamp and basically everything else!

  • Mhmmm. Let’s kick that stressful to-do list to the curb this season and enjoy and celebrate what this time of the year is all about!

  • Every Christmas Eve me and my sister are given pajamas and slippers to wear! That’s always been one of my favorite traditions! We also get ornaments every year that document something we did that year. Little, but fun things!

  • Loved all your heart thoughts friend! You are so beautiful!

  • Ok… I love that pocket square phone case.

    Favorite holiday traditions: LOTS of cookie baking, hot potato soup on Christmas Eve, and laying under the tree looking up at the lights, with a cozy blanket, of course.

    • LINDSAY LETTERS: I love all the canvas options: Thankful Canvas, One Nation Canvas and Pine on Snow Watercolor! — They are all sooooo pretty!

  • I love what you have to say and your vulnerability in this post, Beth! It’s definitely something I’m practicing, too. One thing I do, as I continue to lean on Jesus, is also remind myself how little I notice or care when I go over to a friend’s house and not everything is perfect. How that can sometimes make me feel more at ease and more comfortable and how I would 100% rather be sitting there in a less than perfect living room (that I barely notice) with them than I would to not be able to spend time with them because they were too concerned about being perfect. I am always praying that Jesus would remind me of that every time I want to stop myself from inviting someone over because our house doesn’t meet my standards.

  • Every year I bake biscotti with my mom!

  • I hate it when I let the affirmation of others rule my life! That is not what matters and it brings with it stress and joylessness. There can only be joy when we live our lives for Him! Beautiful post as always. An I want that mug!!! That phone case is great:)

  • Victoria

    My favorite family tradition is hunting for the perfect Christmas tree. My family has cut down a live tree for as long as I can remember.

    Three of my favorite things from Lindsay Letters include the Be Brave print, the Let our Lives be full of both Thanks and Giving print, and the mug you are drinking from! πŸ™‚

    Love you so very much and your beautiful heart.

  • I love baking with my three girls and drinking eggnog with my husband after the kids are in bed.

  • I love mugs.. so any of the mugs are beautiful; especially the “start your day with gratitude” and the one you are giving away. I love the tumbler that says “Drink more water, darling”. The “Hello, Adventure” canvas is also amazing. I need some more adventure in my life.

  • Chris

    I like tipping back some beverages with friends and family!

  • Love baking & Christmas music!

    I just love all that she has in her print shop! Especially the O Holy Night print, Thanks & Giving, and the campfire mugs.

  • Thank you so much for writing this. It really inspired me, and I know it will inspire others as well. I get so stressed about my to do list around this time of year too, but you are absolutely right when you say the purpose is just to glorify God in the end. I know you’re going to do that. Thanks for writing this real, inspiring post today.

  • I absolutely love this time of year mainly for the traditions! My favorite is being able to get together with my family and celebrate. I also love picking out and decorating a tree with the kids as well as plan fun ideas for the Elf on a Shelf!

    My favorite items from Lindsey Letters includes the Peace on Earth canvas, Gratitude Latte mug, and the Thankful canvas! Such a cute shop!

  • Decorating the tree is always my favorite tradition! That and gathering around the tree on Dec 24th with a Christmas beverage in hand, opening gifts with Christmas music in the background, followed by a movie of course πŸ™‚

  • bianca

    i think i struggle most with the holidays. i see my friends, bloggers, etc always post these elaborate home decorating, christmas cards, parties etc and i start to compare myself with them…and then i start to feel bad about myself, and that ultimately leaves no room for Him…for Him to take hold of my heart and reassure me those things AREN’T the basis of the holiday season or life.

    thank you for getting so personal with us in this post. <3

  • bianca

    to be quite honest..i don’t have any favorite holiday traditions, because mainly, we don’t have any. but i’m hoping to change that since my son turned 6 back in october.

  • bianca

    3 of my favorite things from her website:

    i have made you strong print
    the mrs. and mr. mug set even though i don’t have a mr. in my life 😑
    the black tree with pink abstract canvas

  • jess

    Christmas shopping always get me in the Christmas mood and listening to Christmas music.

  • jess

    love the blizzard mug, sownday mug and campfire mugs1

  • Corrie

    Oh, man. I just all-around love Christmas. But one of my favorite traditions is actually Thanksgiving night and the day after that. We usually kick things off (at my parents’ house) with a viewing of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” as T’giving is winding down, and I give the babies their new Christmas jammies (so they can wear them all season long!). Then the next day we decorate the house and tree, enjoy fun finger foods and coffee/hot chocolate.
    Which leads me into how much I love LL’s mugs! My 3 items would easily be this “Heaven & Nature” mug, along with its “Snow Days” and “Blizzard” counterparts.

    Thanks for the opportunity…and Happy Thanksgiving! <3

  • Kara

    My three favorite things: Santa Needs Coffee mug, Heaven and Nature Sing canvas, and Mele Kalikimaka print.

  • cyndi br

    favorite tradition is having pot luck dinner for the holidays

  • Alina

    The three favs are 1. One Nation Print 2. O Holy Night Canvas and 3. Santa Needs Coffee Mug

  • Alina

    Traditions – eating pumpkin pie and having hot chocolate as we decorate the Christmas tree. Love this on Thanksgiving Day!

  • Sean

    Favorite tradition to date is watching Christmas movies with the whole family.

  • Sean

    Loving the Peach on Earth Canvas, the THANKFUL canvas and the SNOW DAY campfire mug.

  • we break out the Behold the Lamb cd on car rides & go to the fesitval of trees downtown! πŸ™‚ oh, and eat chinese for dinner on Christmas!

    From Lindsay Letters i love the thankful canvas, heaven & nature sing, and Luke 2 <3

  • I definitely love the “Brave, Strong & Courageous” Print! But I’m also loving the “Wild Lotus” Canvas and the “More Water” Tumbler β™₯

    My favorite holiday tradition is when we have to go to our relatives’ houses, visiting them, share stories, eating traditional foods, and just spending quality times together β™₯

  • The sweetest and most beautiful thoughts. Simple and elegant, this post is perfect, even if life isn’t. And what a lovely giveaway xx Sending good thoughts <3

  • Ashley R.

    My favorite holiday tradition is eating pillsbury baked cinnamon rolls and watching Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas Holiday Movies with my twin sister!! We love watching it together every year and it makes a smile and laugh and cry! Every year the holiday movies on Hallmark are beautiful and a joy to watch! This is why its my favorite tradition!! I hope you have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving!

  • Love love love <3

  • Sitting with friends and family I haven’t seen all year and just being present in the moment πŸ™‚