5 Resources for Your Quiet Times

I don’t know about you, but I go through seasons. Sometimes I am so great about getting up and spending time with the Lord (like when I am at camp and have to wake up at 4 am for that to happen) and other times I am struggling to even make it to work on time (at 8 am). I am currently in the later season and it is lasting far longer than I would hope. It is a cycle – stay up late, get up late, rush all day, stress about everything and all things and stay up late to “get it all done.” My shoulders are constantly stiff and my mind is constantly running – and I don’t even have a good reason for all the overwhelm.

As more days go by without being rooted, without drinking fresh water, without laying down my burdens and taking a lighter yoke – I get weaker, and overwhelmed, and less likely to feel the need to pick up my Bible. During Bible Study, we were talking about abiding and nurturing our relationship with the Lord, this quote stood out to me in HUGE (& convicting) ways:

Dear child of God, let us never say, “I have no time for God.” Let the Holy Spirit teach us that the most important, the most blessed, the most profitable time of the whole day is the time we spend alone with God. Pray to the Lord Jesus, who in His earthly life experienced the need of prayer; pray to the Holy Spirit, who will impress upon us this divine truth. As indispensable to me as the bread I eat, and the air I breathe, is communion with God through His Word and prayer. Whatever else is left undone, God has the first and chief right to my time. Then only will my surrender to God’s will be full and unreserved.- Andrew Murray

I’ve made a commitment to get back into the Word because it is the most profitable time of the whole day AND whatever is left undone, the Lord has the first and chief right to my time! I know quiet times can be hard/ intimidating. We don’t know what to read or what to do even when we sit down for some time with the Lord. Here are some resources to help us get back into time alone with God.

 The Influence Network has several classes that are focused on spending time in the word. One that I love on art journaling through scripture and another on getting into the Word. Take advantage of the communities out there that are encouraging you and helping keep you accountable! Great resources!

I get this one every year from Naptime Diaries. With scripture readings, prompts, and journaling space – studies like this are a really great resource to get into the word. You just do one entry a day. It is organized, it is planned, and all you need to do is show up and engage! If you are interested in this one, grab it now for 30% off with code: oakandoatsabide (you can also use it on anything in the shop!)

She Reads Truth is packed with great daily studies but I am currently loving and so encouraged by the Women in the Word study. It is an 8 week daily study through scripture designed to get you in the Word everyday and meet the women of the Word. I cannot express how helpful for me it is to have resources like this – organized with scripture and room to process. The best part about this study is that all the scripture is written out in the book so you don’t need to carry your bible around when you are doing it! I’ve spent the last mornings on my pack porch with just this journal on my lap, a cup of coffee, and a pen!

This one is an important one especially if you are not following devotional with room for writing. So often I can read (skim) a chapter in the Bible and “be done” without really thinking about or processing what I read. Writing verses, prayers, thoughts, and questions down helps me to communicate and connect. The repetition of rewriting a verse helps me to remember it as I go into my day. Also, it is always fun (sometimes embarrassing) to look back and see how far you have come and how the Lord has answered prayers!

Recently a older (and wiser) friend of mine was talking about having quiet times. She was saying that sometimes it is fun to dig deep and really do Bible Study in our devotions but most of the time we just need to sit with Jesus. She encouraged us to read through Psalms and take time in the morning just meditating and sitting with the Lord. You can read the psalm out loud, journal on it, rewrite the verses, or just sit and dwell on the words you have read. It is a great starting point if you know you need to spend time with Jesus but don’t know where to start.

What resources do you love and use? Do you have any advice and tips for spending time in the Word even if you are tired or hungry or busy? 

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • This has been the game changer for me… http://www.amazon.com/Women-Word-Study-Bible-Hearts/dp/1433541769. It's totally changed the way I read/study Scripture.

  • that book looks wonderful, I definitely just added it to my Amazon wish list!

  • I am in one of those seasons as well. She Reads Truth has definitely been helping me keep some semblance of abiding with the Lord, but like you said, if I don't take the time to journal it's not nearly as effective.
    Other than She Reads Truth, another thing I like to do is pick a verse for the week and write it on the menu. I don't always see it or remember it, but sometimes I do. I think it's worth it for those times.
    Lastly, I think a big thing is just being open (like you are), admitting to people in our community that we are struggling to prioritize or really connect with God on a consistent basis. While being a Christian is not all about the frequency and duration of quite times, it is about a relationship. Relationships are a lot of work. But being open with others gives some accountability and encouragement to help us move forward.

  • Thanks for sharing this – I definitely want to look into the Abide Journal. I like "just showing up".. like you, with all the other stresses of the day and trying to get everything done, it's nice to have it laid out for you to just engage and dig in.

  • Loved this post and it is so relatable. I think journalling is a big one that is really helpful. Sometimes when I just read a passage, I feel like I'm being very passive. But when you are journalling, you are forced to process, think, ask questions and actively pray.


  • I have been going through the Psalms for some time now and it's so refreshing!

  • I love the last one! So simple and pure. I have been getting better at this recently and I have noticed so much more peace and joy in my life!

  • Psalms are my go to! Thanks for sharing these resources!

  • Eryn Ivey

    This is a really great post, Beth! I follow many of these lessons and even just joined the Influence Network!

  • Bailey

    The Psalms are great! I've been wanting to memorize some of the Psalms for a while now.

  • That art journaling through the Scripture class sounds amazing! I may have to try it. πŸ™‚ Psalms are my favorites. Whenever I'm unsure what to read or having a tough day, I turn to them.

  • RIght now I am doing She Reads Truth as a daily devotional. I need to get in the habit of making it more of a routine.

  • Thanks for sharing these! I did have a question- I got the NTD lent devotional and it was largely space for journaling with more singular verses. I was curious to how the SRT was set up? Is it more of a journal type or is there daily commentary as well? Just wondering for my next purchase! πŸ™‚

  • This is so great! My quiet time journal is almost full. I need to get another. πŸ™‚

  • My mom always told me that if I was going through something, or needed some help getting into the word to turn to Psalms and Proverbs. That they can get you through anything life throws at you. It's treated me pretty well so far!

  • yes! Great advice mom!

  • It is about that relationship! and sometimes just letting other people know helps so much with the accountability to make time for that relationship! well said!

  • oh! Megs, I love that!!