Living Room

I’ve shared several stages of my living room over the years. I am a firm believer that decorating a house is an evolution. Most of us don’t have enough cash laying around to completely refurnish and decorate a home, so we do it room by room. Replacing free furniture as we go on (in our case just with different free furniture) and slowly picking up pieces to create the feel we want. When we first moved in, this room was a complete hodge-podge and I’ve been trying to unite it over the past years.

I’ve found that paint is the cheapest and quickest way to change up the feel of a space so I paint and I paint often πŸ˜‰ I painted the walls a gray & included a fun striped wall, I painted the mantel white, and I recently painted it all again a lighter gray.

This room has such a weird light issue – with the two windows so close in the corner, some of the room is super bright but the rest of it stays in the shadows. Also, there is no overhead lighting except for right by the front door so it is crazy dark at night without the hanging light on. So we added a screen door and painted. I thought the lighter walls would help brighten up the room. Since everything else is so neutral, I wanted to add pops of color – EVERYWHERE!

I wanted to bring more life into this room so I bought some pillows at Target, picked out some Minted goodies, added a new Spring Canvas from the Naptime Diaries team, and printed some of my favorite instagrams with Framebridge for the wall!

Frambridge Instagram Frames
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How do you decorate your home? Do you do the one-room-at-a-time-thing that constantly evolves like us? HAHA! What are your favorite elements of this room? What are your favorite things to included in a living room?

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Your living room is beautiful! But not in the Too perfect for some one to actually live in it way. It looks full of life of and comfort, and I feel welcomed into just by looking at it!
    We just moved in February, so we've painted and that's about as far as we have gotten into the decor evolution. That and I am slowly refinishing our table and chairs.

  • what a cozy & beautiful room! πŸ™‚ love it!

  • Oh Bethy, I love it!! I claim a spot on the couch because I'll be spending a lot of time there hanging out with you, obvi. πŸ˜‰

  • Love it!!

  • Eryn Ivey

    I really like the "light issues" as it adds a warm and cozy feel to your space. It's a place to escape but also a place to relax. I love it!

  • Your living room is gorgeous and cozy! I am excited to decorate Michael and I's apartment. He has been living there for a few years now, but it's all tans and browns – can't wait to re-do everything!

  • it's just beautiful! love the mantel {so much!} minted is just the best! love their prints – the mint green stand is amazing as well! great job!!!

  • Oh I love this! I especially love the gallery wall with the mirror thrown in! Such the perfect touch of classic with something a little funky!

  • Beautiful!! We painted our mantel and windowsills white a few years ago and it completely modernized our 1989 living room! Now to paint the baseboard white!!

    I really like the new grey wall color. Where is it from and what color?

  • Oh, I just DREAM of a big fireplace and mantle I can decorate like yours! Gorgeous!

  • So beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  • I was just thinking the other day that I wished I'd documented the number of times I've changed the mantel…love seeing your whole room and totally agree! home design is always evolving. I'm constantly shopping within my home and re arranging.

  • Your living room is gorgeous! I love that you have games in your living room. Would you mind sharing how you have them stored? I need some ideas for storing mine.

  • I love seeing beautiful but lived in spaces like this!

  • This is GORGEOUS! I am all about decorating (now that we are mostly done our renovations!!). I love the red chairs in the corner, plus those curtains?! Also, we are all about the free furniture too! (Fist bump here.)

  • So cute! Love all the changes!

  • Love this Beth! It looks beautiful, and since we recently moved- it's really fun to see your space and gain a little inspiration for the spaces that need filled in our apartment!

  • I love the way this space turned out! The mantel is probably my favorite part.

  • Thanks! I love it too!

  • oooh yeah! Inspiration!

  • thanks Sam!

  • Thanks! I know, for real. Always rocking the free stuff!

  • Thanks so much Nina!

  • Yeah! I guess I didn't really show that side of the room! They are all just packed on that shelf πŸ™‚ Like this!

  • Amy

    absolutely LOVE the evolution of this space – so light and airy and fully you!
    all the moon accents, i'm obsessed with.
    you've definitely got a great decorating eye!

  • Thanks so much Amy! You are a sweetheart!

  • hahah! I know. It takes some time to really have it say what you want it to say!

  • ME too!! They are from Framebridge and they are perfect!

  • HAHA! Thanks! We do love it but don't use it too much. We want to convert it to gas but still keep the real fireplace look!

  • Thanks!! I did thing it would be fun and help add a little more light!

  • YAY! I am a huge fan of the homey homes!

  • Thanks megs

  • SO FUN!

  • I understand that completely! Nothing less fun than cleaning out a fireplace in your clean house!

  • Oh my goodness, I found this through your May Goals link and I have to say YAY THANK YOU AHH! I've been looking high and low and generally all over (literally) for prints for my walls just like the ones at Naptime Diaries! Actually I guess I shouldn't thank you, because now I'm just going to spend all my money, but they're so great I don't even care!

    xx Katie
    A Quiet Joy

  • GIRL! Totally worth every penny! Use the coupon code and you will get 30% off! It expires May 15th so make sure to order soon! But really – I love all my Naptime Diaries goodies!