Snapshots from Winter Park

Part of the reason that I want to grow in my photography is so that I can capture the everyday life around me. We go on this trip to Winter Park every year but each year is so different because the kids grow and change and learn new things! I don’t want to miss out on these moments. So I take my camera, laugh a lot, and ditch cell phone service & internet connections – it is pure bliss! 
We go to Snow Mountain Ranch – it is a YMCA camp in Winter Park area. We rent a large cabin that fits the whole family, share meal responsibilities, and just hang out! We love going there because there is so much to do inside and outside. We never get board and have so much fun finding new adventures. The roller skating rink, the pool, and the craft shop are always high on our “must do” list! We also play games, go on hikes, curl hair, read stories, and eat cookies! 

Does your family have a yearly tradition like this? What kind of vacations do you go on?

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • How fun! And wonderful photos!

  • I especially love the photo of Bruce in roller skates haha – cracked me up. And the little girls in skinny jeans? Too adorable!

  • I know! We all had skates on at some point. The littlest switched to bikes after awhile!

  • Thanks so much! I know! It was way fun!

  • That's awesome – way to go you for taking such great photos on skates. Impressive!

  • What a fun tradition! These pics turned out great, too. Looks like y'all had a blast!

  • lurrrrrrrve these shots, bethy! That one of Bruce holding Elsie's hand…so cute!

  • These pictures are so precious! I love capturing the little, every day moments!

  • yeah, she is in a hand holding phase. especially with Uncle Bruce. It melts my heart.

  • me too! I'll remember these forever!

  • AMy! You are so encouraging. Thanks!!!

  • I know! I am a huge fan of fun traditions!

    PS: totally side note, I am listening to Relient K right now – SO FREAKING NOSTALGIC!

  • Thanks! I was squatting a lot and my legs were so sore the next day!!!

  • Aw, Relient K. Always brings back good memories!