Winter Layers

When it snows here it may not be the best idea to hop in the car and try to do donuts at every turn (ahem, Bruce) but that doesn’t mean you need to stay cooped up inside! Snow is a chance to bundle up and see the world through a new lens – covered in snow. When we had the first real snow of the year (and 0 degree weather) we thought a little walk around the block would be fun! Bruce and I bundled up and started walking around the neighborhood. I put on some of my favorite Athleta winter wear and my hardcore new Chaco boots. We took our camera and I tried not to be too nervous about the amount of snowflakes that were falling on it. Bruce snapped a couple photos of me and I love them because you can really see how cold it is – look at that pink nose.

Before you commend us for our crazy adventurous spirits and tough Colorado skin, it wasn’t long before our walk steered us back home so that we could stand over the heaters in the floors of our home. But a little adventure is always worth it. So don’t stay tucked in all winter – get out and explore and then come back home. Make some memories and enjoy each season as it comes.

PS: Are you looking for winter layers this season? I recommended Athleta. If you are local, one just opened in Colorado Springs at the Shops of Briargate. All the employees there are wonderful and will help you find just the right layers for you this season. If you are not from these parts, they are online! Free shipping over $50, free returns (at anytime!), and a lifetime guarantee. #fitisthenewblack

Vest: Athleta
Top: Old Navy
Leggings: Athleta
Socks: Athleta
Boots: Chacos


Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • nothing beats a great black vest! love this!

  • Such a cute outfit! Once again your snow pictures are making me jealous! We had tiny flakes of snow here in the UK at the weekend so I'm hopeful it's on the way 🙂

  • SNOOOW!!!

  • I love bundling up and going for a walk in the snow! Warm socks and gloves are a must for me as well!

  • Love love love that vest, girl! It looks so great on you!

  • These photos are magic. BAH. Look at that beautiful snow! LOVE that vest. 🙂

  • The snow makes the cold not seam so bad – it makes it worth it and makes the whole world good. We mostly get rain here… it's miserable.

  • This outfit is so adorable and fun! I'm so jealous of the beautiful snow ya'll are having 🙂

  • So cute! Love the outfit & the snow 🙂

  • Love your outfit! It never gets cold enough in Key West for this wear but i like it!

  • Your outfit is adorable, but the snow is still too much for me. Even after living through 8 winters in Utah. I am a California girl through and through

  • Stephanie Marie

    These are beautiful shots! Colorado is simply a gorgeous state! <3

  • I love all the snowy photos! And I totes see some model faces! #fitisthenewblack I'm so going to use that on everything!

  • love love love!!

    We've only had one big snow fall so far… but I miss all the snow already!

  • When it snows I freak out because I grew up in Southern California. Last January, when it snowed where we live, I was over the moon excited when it ended up being snowman snow. My poor husband got promptly bundled up to go outside and make a snowman with me. He's a good sport, and we ended up having a lot of fun. 🙂