Why do you Take Pictures?

I spent a morning with my niece this past weekend and I brought my camera along. It is something that I tend to do these days because I have an adorable camera strap from FotoStrap and a huge desire to get better at photography. When I pulled out my camera to take some pictures my three-year-old niece asked me why I wanted to do that.

My first response was ” You are just so cute!” to which she smiled and posed for the picture. But as I thought about it, I told her “I take pictures so that I never forget these moments and what  you look like right now!”

She laughed again and said, “Aunt Beth, my never change!” To which every adult knows the answer to, that is simply not true. I pulled out my phone and my TimeHop app and just there was a picture of her two years ago to that day! I showed it to her and told her that little baby was her two years ago!

We giggled some more and she finally said “Oh boy, my is so different!” Which is very true. And that is why pictures are so important to me. And that is why blogging is so important to me! The days will go by, people will change, fads will come and go, and children will grow up.

I take a picture to capture a moment forever and have something to leave before I go.


Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • I agree! Love looking back at pictures and letting them "trigger my memories".

  • I love how serious she looks with that phone. πŸ™‚ Preserving those moments is such n important thing!

    I take photos as a way to connect and build relationships with people. I love talking with them about their life, and getting to know them more. It helps when I look back on their portrait, to be flooded with a sense of knowing them, in that moment, and all they represent. When I take someone's portrait, I feel that I've made a friend.

  • I need to share this with my boyfriend because he hates taking pictures! I love capturing the moments and the fun things we do together, and seeing how we change over the years.

  • This is precious!

  • I struggle with this so badly! I've had such a hard time with blogging because I don't take good pictures, and it's honestly just not high enough on my priorities list to pursue it. Ugh. Your pictures are getting better and better though– keep it up!

  • I agree 100%! Sometimes I think I take too many pictures, but when I look at them, I'm always glad I have them. Especially, now that my son is approaching first birthday, I'm SO thankful I have pictures from his newborn days all the way up to now. Loved this post – thanks so much for the reminder to keep on taking pictures of the everyday things!

  • That's such a great question (one that my husband asks me all the time) and my {sassy} answer is usually "because I want to!" But if I'm honest…it's probably because I want to get better at photographing moments that will never happen again!

  • I have no children in my life, my own or family or friends, but I can't wait to photograph them someday. I take pictures because seeing the world through my camera lens and capturing it in a still frame helps me see all the beauty around me. Plus having my camera around my neck grounds me and is kind of like a form of meditation for me.

  • I take photos for the same reason! Plus, it's so fun to go back a few years later and experience fond memories.

  • Exactly! those reasons + to share my life with my family and friends while we live far away! I love that Marshall recognizes his cousins and other relatives through updated pictures and Skype — even when we can't always visit half-way across the country! Thank you for sharing such a precious little encounter πŸ˜€

  • I absolutely love the memory aspect of photos. I can get lost in an album of photos from years ago that helps me think about things I thought I'd totally forgotten.

  • Your niece is adorable! I love how such a simple question asked by a kid can really make you think. πŸ™‚ As for me, I take photos because I love photography. Not just the capturing of memories, but the art and the components of photography. I love playing with my camera and shooting in Manual, too. It's just way too much fun!

  • She is sooo cute! It's always so much fun to go back and look at old photos and see how much things have changed.

  • She's precious! No wonder you like to take pictures of her!
    Taking more pictures is a discipline that I am trying to get better at. My husband doesn't always appreciate it. lol. All I have is my cell phone camera, but even that can capture some pretty good moments. I confess – sometimes I do take pictures just to have something to put on the blog. But a lot of times I just want to remember the evening walks, the goofy moments, the snuggles on the couch with our dog watching Downton Abbey or 24, the great dinners, the beautiful days, and so on.
    Thanks for sharing! I am loving following your blog and your instagram!

  • <3 These pictures are so precious! Maybe in 2 more years you'll be showing her these. πŸ™‚