Norway views & Frozen quotes

Back in August 2013, I had to opportunity to stand with one of my best friends in her wedding – IN NORWAY! I loved every minute of it. From spending time with my sweet sister Laken to soaking up a new culture and language. It wasn’t long after that Frozen came out and the Norwegian feel immediately sucked me in. 
The other day I was looking through pictures from the wedding (because she finally put them all up on facebook) and Megs mentioned to me that I should put Frozen quotes over the pictures I took in Norway (which of course is a brilliant idea!) The problem was that I lost all the pictures I took in Norway when my computer died AND I really didn’t take many good ones anyways. Do you know who did? Dorien of Dorien Scheltens Photography!
I was blessed to have meet her during the wedding festivities! She came to Norway just as early as I did (a couple weeks before) so we were able to spend a lot of time together. I wish I had my DSLR when I met her so that she could have taught me all her skills! Oh, well. I’ll just have to hire her for some maternity pictures (in 10 years) and she can teach me then! These are her pictures – all of them! And they have all been matched with a Frozen quote! ENJOY!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • well thats just the cutest lot of pictures and best photo caption idea ever!!! I love the I like warm hugs…though I couldn't figure out if it was a cup or vase….would be an awesome cup if it is *wants*

  • Loving the Frozen quotes, I especially love the marriage quote at the top. Sometimes the idea of marriage is a crazy one but the best sort of crazy

  • Those pictures are so gorgeous and the Frozen quotes make them even better!! I love the "warm hugs" one! So cute!

  • hee hee. i giggled all the way through this. so glad you finally did it!! 🙂 i love them all!! i can't pick a favorite. of course, i do love warm hugs.

  • Well this is priceless. What a smart mashup idea – love it! I agree that the warm hugs one is just too cute. But let's all just swoon over the cool factor in that last photo. What a polaroid gem.

  • you & Meg are brilliant! this is so great! 🙂 and materntiy pictures (in 10 years) – amen!!

  • These pictures are amazing. I've always wanted to go to Norway and Sweden. actually, I was supposed to visit a few years ago when I was in the Netherlands but then I ended up having to write an exam and miss my trip. Love the Frozen quotes, especially the one about warm hugs 🙂

  • Kate @ Dusty Window Panes

    Woke up to the frozen soundtrack as my alarm this morning … so this made me smile =) Lovely, lovely photos!

  • This is great! We love Frozen, and my husband walks around saying, "yoo-hoo big summer blowout" in that weird voice constantly. Beautiful photography! I would love to visit Norway!

  • GAH! LOVE the frozen quotes!!

  • Of course the let it go quote made the song start playing in my head on repeat.

  • Frozen quotes, Yay! what is the native language in Norway?
    I have two favorites, olaf's quote about summer and "the cold never bothered me anyway". These pictures are pretty!

  • Those pictures are beautiful, especially the last one. And you can't go wrong with Frozen!

  • These are awesome…but I have a confession – I haven't seen the movie. I fully plan on it, how could i not with everyone raving about it. 🙂

  • gasp! I cannot even count how many times I have seen it! you need to Red Box it for sure 🙂

  • These are perfect!

  • norway really is so beautiful and i love the frozen lyrics! favorite disney movie!!

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