Is Prayer Enough?

Good Morning Brave ones. How are you doing today? And how is your heart? I’ll start by sharing mine – I am weary. I want to do it all but more and more I am seeing that I can’t. My body needs sleep, my mind needs rest, by heart needs quiet.

The other night I was talking to my beautiful & wise sister in law and we were chatting about prayer. We talked about how our hearts so desire to do, to serve, to give but we can never do as much as we feel we should. There is just not enough time in the day. So we pray. We pray for the couple who is struggling in their marriage, we pray for the grieving who lost their mother, grandmother,& friend, we pray for the underprivileged, the ones who are still rebuilding their homes from the fires, we pray for our country and the leaders in charge, we pray for the people we meet in coffee shops & grocery stores, we pray for our husbands, children, futures, and dreams – all while we cook dinner, drive to work, water the plants, take care of the animals, clean the house, run errands, and fold laundry.

Why does prayer feel like not enough?

I know that the Lord can ask me to do something and if I say no, I am sinning. But I also know that if I am not at church one Sunday the Lord will use someone else to make them feel welcome. I need to be available to be used by the Lord but I am not the only one who is being used by him. And a lot of times the Lord just asks me to pray. I may not always be able to drop all responsibilities and drive around taking out every one to coffee but I can pray in the midst of my everyday. While I am working, cleaning, driving, and resting.

Have you heard of the Give Me Jesus Journal? It is a beautiful journal put together by Gretchen of Life Lived Beautifully. I love it. It is a beautiful guided journal for daily reading, journaling, meditation, and prayer. Also, one of the pages is a guide to help you pray everyday. Each day I wrote down something specific to pray about. Of course, I can pray for whatever the Lord lays on my heart whenever but each day I have something to cover in prayer. I can keep that as I go through my day. I may not be in Washington DC making laws and shaping our nation but I can pray for the ones who are there. You interested in grabbing one of these journals of you own? You can get it for 15% off using code: OAKANDOATS

All because, my dear ones, your PRAYER IS SIGNIFICANT & POWERFUL!


Author: Oak & Oats

  • such beautiful words & truth! 🙂

  • (1) I am so ordering that journal!

    (2) No prayer is not enough. Is it part of fixing whatever needs fixing? Yes, but that being said – God only helps those who help themselves. I am a firm believer of if you aren't doing anything to fix the situation and are just sitting around waiting for it to happen…well guess what it ain't gonna happen. That being said – prayer is SO important. It's what lifts our hearts, our thoughts to the Lord. It's quite amazing at what prayer and a little bit effort can accomplish.

  • I love the ideas behind this journal! Such a neat way to be intentional when it comes to our prayer life and time with the Lord! Thanks for sharing!

  • I don't believe prayer is 'enough' per say, but it's so vital in our relationship with the Lord and in Him using us to serve Him. Thank you for sharing your heart with us, and I'm hopping over to get that journal ASAP! Just give me Jesus! 🙂


  • Prayer and quiet time are two things that keep me moving forward when I feel I've been stretched too thin. Because our last few weeks have been really crazy I've been honest with Jesus about how tired and overwhelmed I had been. Through those prayers He carried me and used me to help those that were in need. Loved this post.

    Also, always love our google hangouts!

  • love this post….i've been learning so much about prayer over this past year. sometimes life is just hard and overwhelming and too much. learning to abide in Jesus and just bury myself in Him through prayer has been one of the most beautiful lessons.

  • I loved reading this. And I love the journal idea! That one is going to the top of my wish list. Thank you for being transparent with us!

  • Thanks sweet lady. It is something huge in my life right now. A lot of people around me need prayer and that is really all that I can do!

  • Yes. I so agree.

  • Girl! I love time with you!

  • For sure! There are a lot of moments where much more is required of us, but there are some moments where all He requires is prayer without ceasing – sometimes that is all we can do!

  • I so agree! You are so welcome! Let me know if you pick up a journal for yourself!

  • Don't you just love the journal! And the mug too! SWOON!

    For sure! There are a lot of moments where much more is required of us, but there are some moments where all He requires is prayer without ceasing – sometimes that is all we can do!

  • Thanks sweet Robyn!

  • Yes! I know it does feel "less" but prayer is powerful and the Lord uses it to change lives!

  • Sometimesphotojenik

    Gosh this post totally resonated with me. I'm like you- I want to do more always but sometimes it's just exhausting! Especially at work when I'm faced with tragic stories I pray over the patient and their families but it just never feels like it's doing any good. I think that's Satan's way of trying to get us to stop praying though so I try and remind myself of that. Thanks for the honest and open post!

  • Yes! Satan wants to discourage our prayer life. It is more powerful than we will ever know. Keep it up!

  • Thanks for this great post. Sometimes prayer feels SO intimate and other times i feel so distant. i love your honesty

  • Thanks for your encouragement Whitney!

  • Brooklyn

    I love this post, it really encouraged me to get a journal of my own ! This is such a great idea.

  • Brooklyn! I am so glad you were encouraged! Tell me how it goes!