New Yards & Rhubarb

Our good friends just bought their first home and like any good community group we ALL were there the day of move in. Turns out when you are young and married and living in a practically furnished home, you do not have too much to move so we arrived just in time to open up the beers and explore.

There is something so magical about moving into a new place. Everything is an adventure – finding out where the best storage space is, dreaming what you can fill the garage with, choosing what to plant in the garden, finding remnants of the owners before.
It is all so new but soon we know that that backyard will be filled with picnic tables, corn hole, burgers, beer, and laughter. This new place will be the gathering place of our hangouts. Our children will run around this back yard and try to play inside that barn. We will try new recipes in the original (and beautiful) stove from the 50’s and see how many people we can squish around the dinner table.
It is not my home but in some way it is – isn’t that the beauty of friendship, of community? We share our homes, our dreams, our food, our plans, our tables with the ones we love. We invite people in and make memories at our homes and at theirs! The kids all play and have favorite toys at each house, they know where the cookies are and which adult always spoils them.
Sweet friends, I pray over this new home. I pray for the memories, the stories, the late nights, the conversations, the people, the food, the projects, the dreams, the Bible studies, the mornings, and the adventures that this new home will hold. I thank you for sharing your lives with us Mayberrys and the rest of the gang. I am excited for the poppy bouquets and the rhubarb recipes, for hot coco and fires, volleyball and BBQs. Thank you for open arms and open doors – we are so blessed by this community!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry