the real deal about Stitch Fix

i opened my third stitch fix last week and, as always, i was giddy as i opened it up to see what was inside! i’ll show you what i got and kept in this time but i also wanted to share with you a little aboutΒ stitch fixΒ & answer some questions i tend to get asked about it!
Stitch Fix is an online style service. you fill out a form with your style, pinterest favorites, sizes, and a bunch of other information. they read all about you and try to figure you out. then a personal stylists sends you a box full of picks that they picked out just for you!to sign up for your first stitch you pay $20 to secure your box. you get that 20 bucks back when you buy something – you don’t lose that money if you buy at least one thing from that fix.
so you start with the $20 bucks and then they send you the box. you try it on and figure out what you want to keep (each item has a price tag on it). if you keep it all, you get an additional 25% off all the prices. you can see the $20 (and 25% if you get all five items) coming off your bill at the end. you go online and say what you want, and then you send back the rest for free!
great question!! there are two reasons that i can afford stitch fix:
1. i save up: because i don’t shop all the time for myself and i just save my allowance for my boxes. i want more quality and less quantity.
2. REFERRALS!! when you get stitch fix, you can share it with all your friends! for every person you refer, you get $25! that is pretty awesome! just get 4 friends and you are already at $100! i know you may think that only bloggers can do this, but i have some ideas for sharing your code whether or not you are a blogger!
– put it on facebook
– tweet your favorite pieces
– link up with #stitchfixfriday
– blog it
– pin it on pinterest! you can pin one of the stitch fix images on pinterest and use your link as the direction
– have a stitch fix button on your blog
– throw a stitch fix party! use your referral code and get all your friends together and order your boxes on the same day. then try them on together!
– email your friends who you think would love stitch fix with the code!
– share it with your coworkers or bible study
* yes, i would love for you to use my referral codes but no pressure!
nope! but you can if you want. i just sign up for my next box after each box i get in the mail!
sometimes, but the most you can lose is that $20 styling fee. it is applied if you buy at least one thing from the box but it does not roll over. should you not find anything, the $20 styling fee is still applied in order for your stylist to deliver pieces that fits well in with your style, body shape and budget (luckily they also have the awesome referral program and the $20 can come out of that and not your wallet! yeah for free clothes!!)
also, shipping is always free! you never need to worry about that!
you have a couple options but i think you should just send it all back, leave detailed reasons why you were disappointed, and sign up for your next box! like i said, Β you don’t have to pay for shipping when you send it back! hopefully you find at least one item that you want to keep (like a $22 scarf so the $20 does not go to waste and you only pay $2 for that scarf!) the more detailed you are, the better they will be able get you the best fixes!
i say yes! as a lady who does not love shopping but loves to wear clothes that fit and look great – it is perfect! all the pictures below are from my most resent fix! i kept the dress because i fell in love with it but everything else went back just due to cut, fabric, and summerness.
*** if you still think that Stitch Fix is out of your price range (i totally get that!) you should look into ThredUp! it is an online consignment store that i love and use a lot as well. you can also send back in your old clothes and earn money! order your bag here (for free!!) and mail in the clothes you don’t wear anymore (for kids & women!).


Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • That polka dot dress is adorable on you! I have heard such great things about Stitch Fix, can't wait to try it for myself.

  • Love love love!

  • you're right! our dresses are super similar! πŸ™‚
    p.s. i liked that red chevron shirt!

  • Kristin McGeeney

    So… Love that chevron top and the dress was made for you! Perfect!!!! So cute!
    What are your prices on the items?

  • gosh i have been debating so long. you may have convinced me…

  • That dress is so beautiful and it looks great on you! Thanks for answering all of these questions; I've been wanting to try StitchFix for a while!

  • Got my first Fix a few weeks ago and already excited for my 2nd one to come! Love the dress you kept!

  • Krista

    those shirts are super cute and look great on you!

  • Love this post! I've been a little nervous to try Stitch Fix again as I wasn't too terribly excited about my first box. BUT! In their defense, my style is so weird so I can only imagine I gave them a difficult time figuring something out. πŸ™‚ You've inspired me to try it again soon!

  • Amy

    uh, LOVE that dress!
    and i would love to do stitchfix at some point…buuuutttt they don't carry clothes in my size at the moment. sad panda!

  • Christina Main

    That is THE cutest polka dot dress!

  • This was really helpful in my plight of thinking about whether to do stitch fix or not! Thanks Elizabeth!

  • I'm a person that does love to shop… but mostly only in thrift stores. But I must say, seeing all your photos about this makes me curious!

  • This looks amazing Elizabeth! Thank you so much for sharing about it. I think you're selling me πŸ˜‰ I'll be back when I'm on my computer to use your referral link! And I need to try ThredUp! I had no idea that that's what it was about. Sounds awesome πŸ™‚ -Jenna // A Mama Collective

  • I love the blue polka dot dress! So pretty on you!!

  • Z K

    Agh I keep seeing you post stuff about StitchFix and I'm STILL waiting for my first fix – only a week or so away!!!

  • EmilyHornburg

    I tried StichFix for awhile and I LOVED IT! However, I had to cut back some expenses so I don't have it now. Hopefully I'll be able to do it again though!

  • After seeing tons and tons of post like this, I never thought I'd see one that would actually make me join in on the fun. But you know what? I just did! Today, I joined in (and used your link) Set my 1st fix for June 3! Woooo!!!


  • The dress is amazing! Polka dots are my favorite. It looks so good on you!

  • Sarah Christine

    I love every single piece that you got! I am highly tempted to try stitch fix, I have been considering it for awhile now.

  • Kate! I am so excited for you πŸ™‚ I hope you just love it! and thanks for using my referral link! you are so sweet!

  • I get that! That is why I do not have it set up for monthly fixes – I can sign up for a time when I can save some money for it!

  • eep! I hope your first fix is great!

  • it is very you! I was just not %100 sold on the fabric or color

  • Thanks Elizabeth!

  • One day when you get back to the states πŸ™‚ or until they expand their reach!

  • You should just try it! I was like that too and I am loving it! I am really thankful for a stylist and clothes that fit well!

  • Thank you JEnna! It is coming with me to a Dallas wedding in MAy!

  • thanks! me too! obvi!

  • Oh! yes on both! they are my new favorites!

  • it is pretty fun! and i am so proud of you. I have a really hard time with how unorganized clothes are at thrift stores.

  • Let me know when/ if you do! I would love to see what you get!

  • thanks so much. it was love at first sight!

  • for reals! lame! they also don't ship internationally!

  • good πŸ™‚ I think it would be worth it!

  • thanks lady!

  • me too! Thanks πŸ™‚ I am glad you are enjoying it as much as I am!

  • you're welcome! You should just jump in πŸ˜‰

  • eeep! I was just like you! I kept seeing it around for so long and then one day I just went for it!

  • If I would have bought everything it would have been $175 ish (with the discount). I just got the dress and it was $80 (which is pretty pricey for a dress) but I used referral money πŸ™‚ and I just loved it so much!

  • I really want to try this, just for the expereince! It's not something I could do all the time, becuase we're on a tight budget, but I think the expereince would be fun!

  • Okay, now I've already told you on Instagram but that dress is just stunning on you! I also really like the first shirt, though I can't tell what color it is, is that orange or red?

  • Emily

    I love the shirt, sweater and the dress! I'm getting my next fix in May and I was thinking about requesting them. What are their names? (To those who don't have stitch fix, each item has a title name) Thanks!!!

  • That polkadot dress is ADORABLE on you.

  • I love that sweater! I really need to get a stitch fix subscription…I've heard such great things about it! Stopping by from the link up. πŸ™‚

  • Sarah C

    You got such great things in your box! That dress is awesome, I would have totally kept that too! I'm one of the ones that was so excited to try it and then when I got the box was totally disappointed. I don't think I will try it again, almost 90% of what I wear is petite sizing, so the clothes just didn't fit right. Stopping by from the Nicole's link-up

  • I totally get that! I have found that the more detailed you are the more they can get you just the right clothes. the first box is so hard bu it gets better as you leave more details. if you ever try again make sure to let them know that fact about you!

  • I totally get that πŸ™‚ I used blog money/ Christmas money for my first box! and then I used referral moneys!

  • thanks so much dear! I seriously love it!

  • amy

    I have heard of this program, and I have seen it go both ways…so I am not sure. There is one thing I am sure of though- if you pay $20 for a styling fee, and get a $22 scarf, you do not only pay $2 for that scarf! You pay $22 for that scarf! And chances are, you could have paid at least $10 less than that if you bought a similar scarf at Target…or not at all if you didn't like the scarf and are just buying it because they already have your $20. I'm just sayin'….

  • haha! You are totally right πŸ™‚ This is probably not your kind of thing but that is totally okay! We all have our different shopping personalities! (like I hate to shop πŸ˜‰ haha). Have you heard of thred up? They sell used like new clothes for way cheap.. and you can send your clothes back in!!

  • thanks so much sweet lady!

  • thanks lady! maybe one day you will be able to get a box! AND it does not have to be a subscription. you can just get one of you want and then one in a couple months or a year. it is up to you!

  • Laura

    i love everything that came in the box! Sizing is so hard for me though! Plus I love getting out and shopping, it's an excuse to have a girls' day! =)

  • HAHA! Yeah! Girls Days are fun! I just wouldn't want to spend them shopping!