Cousins + backyards

Colorado is beautiful and so is my family. we are all loving that my brother & sister- in-law bought a new house with some land. there is so much to explore. so much to do. things like: climb trees, find bugs, dig holes, pick flowers, run, play hide-and-seek, and laugh. excited to spend many family gatherings in this place. it smells like camp and feels like disney land!

Author: Oak & Oats

  • Mar

    Wow! That piece of property is amazing. It is my dream one day to have a large piece of land my children can explore.

  • Amy

    🙂 ummm that property is GORGEOUS!

  • Oh my gosh..those kids are so adorable! And I bet those woods are so fun for them to play around…

  • I just came across your blog and I am loving it! These photos are so beautiful and capture some amazing moments! Oh how I miss living so close to nature and the outdoors, it's so freeing! – I would love to visit Colorado one day!

  • what fun! and that tree looks perfect. I loved living in a house next to the woods where we could explore growing up. We didn't really need many toys. Just a bunch of leaves, sticks and trees!

  • I know! I love that my siblings own this because my kids can grow up here too!

  • you like my descriptions?! 😉

  • I know! we are all so in love!

  • thanks! I am pretty fond of them – they are my five nieces and nephews!

  • Thank you so much Jessica! I am glad you stopped by to say hello!!! Colorado is lovely! I hope you make it here one day!

  • That is so fun!!! Yeah, all these kids need is something to put all the bugs they catch in! lol