my style // new hair cut FAQ

i just cut off all my hair and i am in love with the new look & feel! a lot of you have been asking, so i thought i would clear the air with a little FAQ session on the new do!

i cut off ten inches! at least five of them were already dead so they really needed to go! i was so ready for something fun and new that i told my hairdresser that she could do whatever she thought would look best – she suggested to my collar bone and i responded with “okay!”

Veda Salon & Spa at the Broadmoor (in Colorado). Abrina was the lovely and talented young lady who styled & cut my hair and i HIGHLY recommend her to anyone in the colorado springs region!

nope. i know a lot of people are attached to their hair and cry during haircuts – especially haircuts that are so dramatic. i would only cry if it looked really bad and it didn’t! i am so in love with the new look – it feels like a fresh new beginning for my hair.

i wish i did after Laura Jean told me all about the need for donated hair to different organizations but i was not allowed. about half of my hair has been dyed before and you are not allowed to have had perms or dyed hair because it weakens it. i would have also had to cut off 12 inches after the “dyed” part and i don’t have that much hair! now i am dye free so maybe i will just grow it out from now and donate it next time!

dress // target – shoes // american eagle – cardigan // old navy

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • loving the new look! i'm always tempted to chop off my locks but it took SO long to grow it out, i don't' think i could!

  • Short hair looks great on you! I had been growing mine out for my wedding so I may go short in the fall again. Short hair is so much easier to take care of!

  • I love your new hair cut! It looks so great! I bet that the length is perfect for the warm summer weather.

    My hair is currently the same length as your hair was in the "before" pictures. It is so hot in the summer with the heat and the humidity to have such long hair. I have been wanting to do something different with my hair, but I'm not sure what I want yet.

    Yours looks great!

  • It looks so cute! i'm getting my haircut tomorrow and i can't wait πŸ™‚ i love changing my hair–and i haven't had a cut for like a year, so i know my ends are terrible haha! i've donated twice and it's a really great experience, i would definitely recommend it!

  • I'd love to donate hair sometime- I quit dying my hair a long time ago and probably could. But I don't have the patience to grow enough! I'm about at my limit now and need to go get a cut before my baby comes… 12 inches would leave me with a lion's mane! Eeep.

  • So cute! I love it. This makes me want to cut my hair even more now. I've donated to Locks of Love twice, so I'm thinking maybe I'll just grow it out again and then donate. Maybe. I don't know if I can wait that long.

  • Amy

    for years i couldn't donate my hair either, because i constantly dyed it.
    I haven't dyed it in a few years so i'm hoping once i chop it all off (who knows when) i can donate it!
    I've said it before, but i'll say it again: i love the haircut!

  • I am thinking about cutting my hair soon-ish. I am not sure if I'm ready to something drastic yet, I think I might do a trim and then next time do something drastic? I definitely want to donate it though.

  • I love it! I honestly think I'm going to go right after work to get my haircut! Yours just looks so cute! My brother's wedding is the weekend so I need to look cute! πŸ™‚

  • I have donated my hair bto locks of love several times and so has my sister. I actually still have my ponytail from over 5 years ago and haven't gotten around to sending it in yet. My hair was about as long as yours was in the before picture and I cut mine to almost exactly the length yours is now. While I love my short hair I really miss my longer hair!

  • Also I forgot to mention that I am now in Aurora and before we leave on Tuesday we may end up taking a day trip to Colorado Springs! I really want to go the farmers market there!

  • Love the haircut! The before and after pictures are really fun to see!

  • Such a difference! I love it and I bet it's perfect with this summer heat!

  • Hair cut looks great! I did that once too and it was a little hard to let go of my long locks:)

  • your new hair cut is adorable! love it.

  • It looks perfect!! I bet you're feeling super light and refreshed!

  • WOW, that is a lot to cut off!! You are totally more brave than I!! But I love it, it's so pretty!! It goes with you so well πŸ™‚


  • again again and again i love your hair cut. i so wish i was brave enough to cut it as well. i love short hair. and you are one beautiful lady πŸ™‚

  • Dein Look gefΓ€llt mir sehr gut. Siehst wie immer super aus.