five things

i just watched pitch perfect for the first time last night and (if you know any thing about me) you would know that of course i would LOVE it. i enjoyed it SO MUCH SO that it inspired me to do a couple things:
1. sing real loud (and along with every song i hear)
2. share some things about myself with you folks (remember the scene when Becca comes back?! and everyone shares?!)

“my name is not fat Amy – it’s fat Patricia.”

i am also mega inspired now because of the influence network link-up
i am kinda cheating by listing five things (but just don’t read the last two if you want to be technical 😉 )
i just joined this network because i resonated so much with their mission statement – making much of Jesus online & offline. i wanted to make my online life mean something i have been talking about this recently.
so without further adu –  
i wear chacos with practically every outfit. this is why i cannot be a fashion blogger.
this is a real face i made at my best friend’s wedding walking down the isle. i make one HOT maid of honor wouldn’t you say?!?
the turquoise ring i wear on my right hand came from my grandmother’s jewelry box after she passed away – i never take it off. 

i went to college in Northwest Arkansas and discovered how obsessed the south is with college football. i knew i could not go back to Colorado without a little Razorback love so i picked up a sweatshirt at Walmart my senior year.

i am the kid of girl who goes to a Rockies game for her bachelorette party! i love me some Colorado sports teams and a place named Coors field. 
five things about you?!?!? READY. GO!

Author: Oak & Oats

  • 1. i'm super awkward…in a funny way (according to my bestie)
    2. if i could, i would drink sweet tea every day.
    3. i break a lot of bones. apparently i am not safe.
    4. the heart necklace i wear was my grandma's that she wore as long as i can remember. my aunt gave it to me when my grandma passed away and i never take it off.
    5. when my foot isn't broken, i wear my chacos all the time, too 😉

  • Amy

    Pitch perfect is the! SeriouslY!
    & your face walking?! Priceless, i'm sure it made her feel awesome.
    1. I love to read, seriously i could read most of the week and not realize it.
    2. If it was healthy i would eat a hamburger every single day.
    3. I run like a crazy person screaming whenever i see a roach.
    4. It makes my skin crawl when people roll their eyes at me.
    5. I love hummus, and i know most people love it, but i love it enough to keep a tub in my fridge at all times, it is my crack.

  • You already got three from my blog:-)

    4. I use to drive a VW bus that was older than I am.
    5. Before I got married I didn't want to have kids. <—says the women with 4 going on 5 preschoolers.

    (AND, I wear Keen's with every outfit so I too will never be a fashion blogger!)

  • Oh god I would so do that for my bachelorette party too! Except at Yankee Stadium of course where the real kids play 🙂

  • I love this and you! You bring so much joy my friend! You can get three from my blog and hey I will tell you two secret ones (but not so secret since the world can see this): 1. I love the colour mint. 2. I rub my feet together when I am tired!

  • Such a cute post! I love it!
    I love that "walking down the aisle face" – priceless!!
    I'm popping over from Influence, so it will be great to get to know you better! Thanks for stopping by too!

  • I have watched the movie Pitch Perfect so many times (got if for Christmas). I love it!!
    Cute post.


  • such cuteness 🙂 fashion is overrated 😉 do your thing

  • You're so cute! I love your face at your friend's wedding–you were just happy for her! And if it makes you feel any better, when I walked down the aisle at my friend's wedding, I had this awful smirk because the groomsman whispered to me right before we walked down, "Ready to be the first pretty face all these people see?" I just about died trying to choke down a snort. I'm glad I found your blog through the link-up! I like you already 🙂

  • Jen

    This makes me smile. I did a travel nursing assignment out in Denver before I got married and LOVED it! seriously, I want to move back TOMORROW. (and I would if I could) anyhow Rockies games were always fun 🙂

  • Nice to meet you! Your post was so great!

  • Your walking down the isle face is the greatest picture ever and I hope you have it framed somewhere! Also, CO sports are the most fun!

  • haha greatest MOH photo, ever! I that just made my morning!

    You are a joy, and I love your view through the camera. I have much to learn from you!

    I, too, wear a piece of jewelry from my Granny, but not everyday. maybe I should… 🙂

  • I LOVE me some pitch perfect! It's so great!!

  • love that photo of you at your friend's wedding! that's a beautiful ring you have, and what a sweet reminder of her & the legacy she's left you.

  • Love this post! I also love that you wear your grandma's ring-I do that, too. After my grandma passed away a few years ago, I started wearing her class ring every day.