invitations: a beautiful design

for our invitations i turned to none other than my beautiful, wonderful, WORLD TRAVELER, hipster, artist friend.
even the sound of her name sounds like she has the art vibes going on.

she has a beautiful heart & serves in full time missions in Norway (these days)
if you need a graphic designer & want to support a good cause – hit this girl up

can i tell you a secret?
there used to be a time of the wedding on the invitation
but somewhere during the printing process it disappeared…
1. when something gets messed up -pretend like you did it on purpose
2. and let it roll off you back
3. always remember this is a FUN time!
things in your wedding process will not always go as planned. heck – this is still real life we are living in! 
laugh at the mishaps. enjoy the memories. remember the beauty

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • I love these invitations!
    They are perfect!
    Cingrats on your wedding coming up, so exciting ^.^
    xoxo, jamie brooke

  • Hey lady! First of all, CONGRATS on the engagement!! I was traveling a bit this summer and haven't been leaving too many comments, but I have been following a bit.
    Also, I'm so thankful y'all are okay from the fires. My family is still in Colorado Springs and I was glued to the web following it all. Yikes!