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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I promise not everything you need to buy for Valentine’s or Galentine’s needs to be pink but if you can, why not? Pink is secretly (or not so secretly) my all time favorite color. I was obnoxiously obsessed with it as a little girl, went through a small (very small) rebellious phase when pink wasn’t cool but quickly went back to my true roots and painted my room in high school like 6 shades of pink (see photo evidence I stole off facebook  here & here & here from 2005.) Speaking of high school, sometimes I get sad I was in high school when low rise bell-bottoms were a thing – high rise skinnies are so much more flattering! But I digress 😉 Here are some pink things to get your gift ideas flowing!!

PINK CAMELBAK: Because healthy is pretty. Giving the gift of hydration is invaluable!

BURTS BEES LIPSTICK: I’ve been wanting to try this out so it makes the list! Are you in the same boat? Pick up one for you and one for a friend!

FESTIVE SOCKS: Because they are festive!!

PINK BACKPACKS: While we are at it 😉 If you can afford to be practical, why not?!

PINK PATAGONIA FLEECE: I’m currently regretting getting this fleece in gray (come on Elizabeth – boring!) so yes on the pink one!!

MUGS: All the mugs. Everyone loves mugs.

ESSIE NAIL POLISH: I love this color (I just put it on last night) and it is so darn lovely. Plus the quality of Essie is just so Fetch!

FANTASY by BRITNEY SPEARS: Because sometimes obsessions stick from high school. But really, this smell is still on of my top 10 ever.

MINI MODERN SET: Our most popular seller on our Shop Oak + Oats and a great gift to give so we think!

HOT PINK KEDS: Keds are my go-to these days. I love how you can slip them on for anything. They also keep your toesies warm in winter when it is too hot to wear boots but too cold for chacos.

Happy Shopping, Gifting, & Celebrating!

  • I love the succulents.

    • Oak & Oats

      Thanks so much!! We love them too! It has been so much fun selling these planters!

  • Lex

    I love that everything is pink and red themed on your gift guide! So cute!
    I just recently made a gift guide as well over on

    • Oak & Oats

      Thanks so much! I can’t help it! I’ll have to go check out your gift guide now too!!

  • I love how much you love pink and that particular shade of deep but not quite hot pink that you gravitate towards a lot. 🙂