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remember: make the most of every moment

today at work i think i wrote the date at least twenty times

& every time it got me..
i don’t think any of us can be not phased 
everyone remembers where they were
seventh grade
first block
we never left our classroom 
the news was on & we all sat in disbelief as our teacher tried to explain what was going on
because i lived so close to the Air Force base, 
we all went home as soon as they could get busses our way
i remember the principal coming on the loud speaker & letting us call our parents
my mom picked me up
& no one could turn the news off
it is one of those LIFE CHANGING history moments
like all the ones our parents remember:
-first man on the moon
-JFK assassination
-MLK assassination
-the fall of the Berlin wall
it was the first time i felt part of something bigger. something textbook worthy. history was happening and i was a part of it. and it broke my heart. the pain and the wars of history books became my reality. 
yes. i think that is what we need to do. remember how short life is. how unpredictable and raw. remember how much hurt is in this world. how many people need a friend, someone to talk to. it is like a reality check – are you living the way you want to be? are you making the most of your time?
i am challenged today.
history is happening
am i living in a way that leaves a mark?