Three things my Mother Taught me about Business

Three things my mom taught me about businessMother’s day was yesterday and it is a joy to be able to live so close not only to my mom but my mother-in-law as well! Bruce and I hit the jackpot with our families – we seriously know it is such a blessing. We’ve dreamed/discussed moving away to some tropical location or just California but we adore being near family and are not sure if we are willing to sacrifice our closeness 😉 (we’ll just have to vacation there all the time!) Now that I am days into 29 ( I know, so old and mature. lol ), I have been thinking a lot about life. The steps I’ve taken to get here. The people who have inspired & pushed me. The mentors that pulled out the dreams I held deep inside. Those who encouraged me to be brave, to create, and seek the Lord.

In honor of Mother’s day, I wanted to share three things that my mom taught me about business.


My mom has never been embarrassed to be herself. She laughs loud, talks loud, loves big, is super thoughtful & intentional, and is mega silly. My mom is the mother of three girls (and a boy) but she was just what a house of high-school girls need. She encouraged us to be our self. She made being yourself look fun, freeing, and likable. She spoke out what she saw in us and encouraged us to pursue our skills, passions, talents, and dreams. She showed us what is it like to live confident and to be brave as we pursue those dreams & passions.

As a business owner and blogger, my biggest advice to others is to be yourself. You are unique. No one is just like you. You have something to offer your business, your blog, your home, your job that no one else can. Leverage that! When I find myself comparing myself to other blogs or feeling like I need to do certain things to be successful, I ask myself “is this me? or is this what I think people think I should be?”


One thing my mom made sure to teach all us kids growing up is that our words hold power. They can uplift and encourage or they can tear down. Our words have the power to bring life or death. The words we chose, how we speak to each other, and our heart reactions are bigger than we can imagine. I remember we would always get more in trouble for lying, yelling, or being disrespectful more than the initial thing we did. Taking the time to think before you speak can save a lot of heartache. But on the opposite side, saying something nice is always worth it. Complimenting strangers at Starbucks, being genuine with the grocery checker, and speaking out the talent & beauty in others is contagious. You never know someone’s day or someone’s heart, let your words be light in their day not darkness.

I think about this all the time when I sit down to my blog. I want my words and posts to encourage, inspire, and uplift. Complaining, gossiping, or writing “10 things you are doing all wrong blogging” are not my thing. There is room for everyone here!

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When in doubt, follow your heart. I can think of countless times I sat at the kitchen table and told my mom my current dilemma. Whether it was what college to go to, if I should go on a date with a boy, what to major in, or what dress to wear to prom. She would always ask “What does your heart say?” While it was annoying at times because I wanted to be really logical, smart, and wise. It was so good for me to think of what I really wanted. What dress did I prefer? Did I actually want to go on a date with him? What college did I feel instinctively drawn to?

While it is important and wise to do your research, lay out the options, do the budget, and make charts, it is also important to trust your gut. Sometimes there are multiple “good” options and you really do get to pick. Follow your heart, listen to your gut, be willing to be brave & pursue your dreams. This whole blog started because I followed my heart and it led me straight into where it is at today.

I’m so thankful for my mom and who she is. She has been such an encouragement & inspiration in my life and taught me waaay more than these three things. What has you mother or mother-like-figure taught you about life/your business? I would love to hear in the comments!!

Three things my mom taught me about business Three things my mom taught me about business Three things my mom taught me about business

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Amazing article, thank you for sharing your mother’s wisdom! Cute pictures, too 🙂

  • Mom

    Very sweet words. I sure didn’t feel all that wise while raising you but you sure have turned out to be a beautiful, wise and loving daughter. Love you lots and lots!

    • Oak & Oats

      Love you Mom! So thankful for you!!!