Awakening Passion & Purpose – A GIVEAWAY!

Penduka - awaken passion and purpose in everyday life! GIVEAWAY!

I started a new book this summer that has been rocking my world. There is no secret that switching to full time blogging has been an adjustment for me. I’ve walked though some unexpected hardships when I said yes to the Lord and jumped into this crazy dream. I had some pretty high expectations for myself and for this “new life.” Picking up this book this summer was one of the best things I did to help me work through this transition and this season.

“Happiness is a choice. Joy is a choice. Stress and anxiety and misery are also choices. So chose well.” pg.19

Penduka – awakening passion and purpose in everyday life. The word “Penduka” is Namibian for “wake up”. Which just starting there is absolutely beautiful! This book is a call to rise up and to step into who we were created to be! As I read the first page I am pretty sure I started to cry. There was so much “that’s me!” in those pages.

“You will never accomplish what you don’t believe you can, and you will not step into the life the Lord has for you when you don’t believe you are worthy of it!” pg.25

As I continued to read I began to see so many areas I was letting lies define me and so much hope to be free from stress, pressure, over-commitment, and seeking perfection.  I started praying more intentionally about Oak + Oats and the life the Lord has for me. I began forcing my eyes back on my path instead of getting so caught up in what everyone else is doing. I started seeing how so many years of focusing on improving my weaknesses instead of refining my strengths was getting me nowhere. And I also accepted that my journey is all over the pace – filled with successes and failures and every bit of it is good.

“Don’t ever stop trying, dabbling, refining. Practice your passions and learn to play with you dreams. It isn’t about perfectionism (when is it really?), it’s all about discover. A river doesn’t cut through rock because of its incredible power and precision, but because of its unrelenting presence and persistence.” pg.81

I’m sitting here at my computer wondering where to start. I’ve got pages highlighted and a journal filled with answers to questions and times I allowed myself to dig deep. I’ve spent more time with the Lord this summer than I have in a long time and sorted through priorities like never before. All this and I am still only half way through the book!

“When we’re not afraid to try something new, we learn quickly what we do enjoy and what we don’t.” pg.11

There are so many things I could pull out to share with you but I will tell you this, because I’m reading this book, I have new freedom. Freedom to try new things with Oak + Oats (like a complete redesign on my own!) I’m empowered to just try things because failure is nothing to be afraid about. Perfection is unreachable and not even something I want to reach for – there are much better things. The gifts, talents, skills, and random journey to full time blogging is something the Lord has given me as a gift. I want to steward it well, take risks, and see what happens.

“If you have breath in your lungs today it is because God has breathed it into you, and it’s your responsibility to spend your days breathing out your part of the story.” pg.63

If you need a little freedom to dream big, live out of your strengths, and let the Story the Lord has written for you shine, I think you should pick this book up now! I also suggest picking up the discussion guide that goes along with it – it is helpful to have the questions to process each chapter! Also, because I love this book so much, I am giving away a copy to one of you! To enter to win just use the rafflecopter below!

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Penduka - awaken passion and purpose in everyday life! GIVEAWAY! Penduka - awaken passion and purpose in everyday life! GIVEAWAY! Penduka - awaken passion and purpose in everyday life! GIVEAWAY! Penduka - awaken passion and purpose in everyday life! GIVEAWAY!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • YESSS so excited about this! I immediately added this book to my to-read list when you spoke about it in your last post. Just FYI, the second giveaway option doesn’t have a twitter handle — I assumed it was supposed to be yours so clicked that I did it, then saw yours down a few more! Let me know who I need to be following for that entry 🙂

    • Oak & Oats

      Oh! That was just an extra thrown in! oops! All fixed now!!!


      But really, this book is so good!

  • Well. I entered. However, I thought I had pasted my tweet URL into my clipboard, but, instead, for some reason, I had the word orangutan instead. So I really did tweet, I just was too quick to hit the button and I couldn’t go back and change it. 😛 XD Anyway, it sounds like a fantastic book!

    • Oak & Oats

      HAAA! Don’t even worry about it!

  • This book sounds amazing!
    Also, loving your new blog design!

  • This book sounds amazing and perfect for a blogger! I find myself believing in those same lies. This is awesome for you! Sounds like you’re on the right track! ????

  • This looks like such a neat read – thanks for offering the giveaway and spreading the word!!! So glad it’s getting your creative juices flowing!

  • I love the quote you shared about making choices–so so true.

    Also, the new design is fab! Way to go, girl.

    • Oak & Oats

      Ah! Thanks so much Aubry!